Class Mod Question pt 2

Yesterday I left a query regarding the Phasezerker class mod. Today I tested some of these on Sanctuary. Some unexpected results came out. Using my level 72 Hellwalker shotgun as the test vehicle I found that the Phasezerker gave 5m critical hit damage, the Breaker gave 8m critical hit damage whilst the Elementalist gave 6m critical hit damage. Why has the Breaker come out on top when it seems to be designed for damage reduction? There is nothing on the Elementalist card to indicate it gives extra damage. A difference of 60% between the Phasezerker and Breaker damage. Can anybody please explain these findings? Thanks

Different skills being boosted by these COMs?

Breaker can have Personal Space skill which is huge damage boost. You need to check what skills you have and which one are boosted by COM as pointed above by CharmlessBee.