Class mod rarity

Just curious…are decent class mods really hard to come by or something? I’m leveling really slow but I have literally only found a single epic class mod that is worth using and that was almost 20 levels ago (and it’s not even very good because it isn’t modifying skills I particularly want). Maybe it’s just because I’m on my first playthrough still but it still seems odd that I find one at level 26 and I haven’t upgraded it in almost 20 levels.

I’m also using a grey quality artifact because it’s better than anything else I have found for that slot, either. My game seems to be missing the looter part of the looter shooter. lol.

For me, I have 15 legendary class mods out of well over 2k legendary drops and none of them rolled with anything I care about but I read somewhere around these forums that someone has 50 or so.

The only legendary class mod I ever got before level 50 was a level 37 Phasezerker mod from the golden chest. Every other legendary class mod came after I was 50 and playing Mayhem.

I found more epic class mods in the Zed vending machines than drops before mayhem.

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I wasn’t even talking about legendary…just serviceable blue or purple ones. I’m doing TVHM on M1 now so maybe my luck will improve.

Keep checking the healing machine vendors. Like I said, I found more serviceable blue and purple class mods there as I leveled and less drops.

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