Class Mod Skill Bonuses By Level

Does anyone know what the breakdown of skill bonuses provided by class mods is, per level of the class mods?

For example, I’m pretty sure that level 50+ mods give the maximum bonus, so +5/+4/+4 for a purple mod. But having looked around online, I couldn’t find a list anywhere of which level intervals are tied to which skill points bonuses.

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level 50 indeed gets you max stats.

The max stats gear list should have your answer…but I don’t have the link anymore

I think @VaultHunter101 would though

Or you know I might considering my guide series did have the max stats for everything.

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All the max stats links are included in the port of Loot Turtle’s Part Spotters Guides - it’s included in the Lootology pinned post for this section. BTK also posted a collection of just the max stats links around the same time in a separate post, which is also in the Lootology pinned post.

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Thanks, but those don’t seem to be what I’m looking for - I think I’ve explained my request poorly.

What I’m hoping to find is the list of level intervals at which COMs start getting better. So, for example, I’m assuming that a level 49 COM gives +4/+3/+3, but what’s the lowest level COM that provides that spread of bonuses? What’s the next lower spread of skill point bonuses, and what level COMs provide them? Basically, I’m wondering about less-than-max skill point bonuses, rather than the higher-end stuff.

Yeah the DDD guide had max and min stats for every level for everything, I think I didn’t port that over though.
Too many people asking me to fix color codes when I still had 150 guides to port over.

49 can give 432, I think 47-48 give different stats. Can’t remember off hand.

I can test anything out if you tell me exactly what you’re after.

You should find that info on the BL2 Wiki, if memory serves correctly. You might need to go to the variants page for a specific type of class mod, though. You can start here:

From memory, sub-30 purple COMs go no higher than +3. I don’t think I’ve ever really paid attention to where the breaks are, but I have quite a few characters at different levels I can take a look at if the info isn’t on the Wiki. Ping me with an @ mention if you want me to go digging.

I’d checked the wiki, but couldn’t find anything on there other than lists of the maximum skill points for COMs, even in the individual pages for specific COMs.

Thanks for the offers to do some digging, but it’s not really that big a deal - it’s just something I was curious about while I’m levelling all my characters up so I know when to go hit the Mercenary Day DLC to hopefully get some good class mods. I’ll just stagger when they hit that DLC and see what shakes out.