Class Mod slot machine

Skywell mod vendor for people farming mods.

Also started on 600k and left on 4 million so it seems you can get good cash off it

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See any legendary mods there by chance?

One in 15 minutes got some good skins also.

If you like the slots it’s a winner :slight_smile:

When you say you got one in 15 minutes: did you keep closing/reopening the game to check the vendor machine’s inventory each time, and you got a legendary mod?

Also, exactly how did you end up with more cash when you left than when you started?

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Oh… never played the slot… But do you mean it’s a slot machine worth playing?! :open_mouth:
Might go back! :smiley:
Should be a broken model they intended to repair then, hahah

It was 28k per play with 750k for 3 cash icons.

Let me go back one second I’ll take photos

Edited your title to clarify that this is a slot machine and not a vendor!

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Thank you

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Not effective method but fun if you like slots. Also unlocked loads of siren heads

Winner winner , chicken dinner! :partying_face:

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I don’t get it… how is this any different than the class mod slot machine on sanctuary?

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I think I just had good luck on it haha

Were you playing while ‘online’ or ‘offline’? I farmed the Jakob’s Estate loot tink offline for a few days, but have been playing online since.

Played online was kata ball farming. Then I played that. It could all be in my mind but deffo to loads out of it