Class mods and Relics need a rework

I’m not talking specifically about their effects, most class mods are fine, this is less true for artifacts though.
The real issue is with the ramdom bonuses each mod and artifact give you, they are way too wide and should be restricted per mod and artifact.
As an example, the deadeye class mod on fl4k should always give sniper damage, ect.
It’s just tedious as of now to get a good class mod or relic, you need the good skill points/artifact effects and then the good bonuses.
This needs a rework for sure

Totally agree, I farmed so much for “good legendary class mod” for fl4k.
Use epic one for long time because it was way better with passive bonuses

I think this would go a long way if there is a designated loot pool to farm. I do agree some bonus are ugh… but might be easier to deal if world drops doesn’t always get in the way

This could be solved if they added a feature that allowed us to reroll certain stats at the cost of money/eridium. The player would have the choice to alter skill point allocation, 1 of the 2(3) stat bonuses, etc. However, once done, they can only keep changing that stat at an increased cost. This is just another idea that Gbx should implement from Diablo 3.

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The biggest issue with relic is 1/2 of the relic are activate when using slides and slam. Seriously…

Slam is the most useless skill in the game. It very situational , & when it dies hit, its tickles.

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Slam on its own with or without a relic needs massive buffs. Slide and slam relics need to have massive boosts so that they are not F tier equipment to a elemental projector or slide speed boost relic.