Class mods and the level cap next week

So just a quick thing regarding the max level update, does anybody have any knowledge on how the scaling of class mods will be when that update hits, because I’m worried that the 5 extra levels will add more skill point bonuses onto the mod (at the moment it’s +5 all together) like it does when leveling up during the pre end game content

I don’t want to have to refarm my perfect classmods to get the extra point bonus aswell as just my guns and shields, if anybody knows if those 5 points will upscale it the info would be very appreciated

Edit: I’ve been using a lvl 53 seein dead on my Zane for a millennia now and never bothered to check how many skill points it has, couldn’t remember if they’ve scaled with previous updates or not, that’s more what I was asking

Your existing class mods would most likely be completely unaffected by any changes for level 61+ drops. So if there are any changes (such as level 61+ getting a total of +6 instead of +5) it would be entirely up to you whether or not you farmed for new ones.


So far, legendary mods have only ever had 5 skill points since launch. I don’t see that changing with another 5 levels. The passive amounts will increase, but not by enough to really matter. I’m still using a lvl 53 seein dead since it has perfect rolls on it.


It doesn’t though. A legendary mod has 5 skillpoints on it even if you pick one up on level 10 or something.

I’m still running a 53 Blast Master and a 57 Bounty Hunter, they both still rock.

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As mentioned by others above the number of skill points doesn’t change, just the percentage I’m the bonus stats, the same as an artifact. For example, at level 57, a class mod could have a secondary roll of 35% SMG damage. At level 60 is is 37% SMG damage. The percentage increase of these rolls varies per type for each level increase. So you want see every stat go u p 1% each level as the example I have shows. That’s all that changes.

BL2 did something similar to what I was saying with its class nods, couldn’t remember if they’d implimented it into BL3 or not since it’s been nearly a year after I’ve played the pre endgame content, so used to seeing everything with five skill points I couldn’t recall whether scaling was affecting them or not. Hence why I made the post in the first place

I’d quite like to see more than 5 skill points on a class mod but with this influx of modded gear flooding into trading and public games, I highly doubt it will increase.

A friend of mine uses nothing but modded guns, I hate having to tell him every time he enters my game to stop using them, why people can’t be bothered to go get their own gear to be as op as the rest of us I don’t know

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I have a close-knit few friends and if we bring in a random then suspect mods are being used on the sly by them we just instance kick them.

Likewise, I was pretty bummed when modded items made it to Xbox. Quality of co-op went to nothing quick.


The only thing affected by the level of a class mod are how high the passive bonuses can be. The amount of skill points is determined by the rarity, with purple or legendary class mods always having 5 points.

That’s different from Borderlands 2 where higher level class mods could also provide more points.

IIRC that was only between the NVHM and TVHM drops of the legendary COMs? I think all rarity class mods had fewer points added up to a certain level, then were max after that.

Why is this not still a thing? I understand a lot of people didn’t like the gear locked behind other playthroughs, but the reward of better gear made it worthwhile.

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Possible. I only noticed that I got better class mods on higer levels but that could of course have been the result of playing on a higher playthrough as well.

Might be more difficult to balance since class mods are more impactful in BL3. In Bl2, a class mod would only boost skills that you had actually purchased, meaning that unless you were using it with a very specific build, you’d rarely receive the full benefit of all those skill points.
And mind you, Bl2 had a higher level cap and much steeper scaling.
In Borderlands 3 a class mod will not only boost but also enable a skill, even if you didn’t have it purchased and they do also have a pretty strong primary effect whereas Bl2 only had skill points with the primary effect just being non-randomized passive stat boosts.
Also, Bl3 doesn’t have its level caps tied to playthrough modes. In Bl2 there were no other ways than progressing to another playthrough to ensure that the game keeps on leveling alongside you. At some point, you’ll just be overleveled and stop earning XP, so you’ll go on to restart the story in TVHM, do the same all over again until the game caps out at level 50 at which point you’d be wise to move on to UVHM since in UVHM the game suddenly starts scaling to your level, meaning if you spend too much time in TVHM, running around at level 55 with level 50 weapons since nothing higher than that can drop in TVHM, if you then proceed to UVHM you’ll face significantly boosted enemies who are your level with severely underleveled gear.

Long story short, as long as we have Mayhem Mode, there’s just not much point to TVHM as a whole until it gets a major rework.

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I know the difference but couldn’t remember if it was a thing, like I edited the post to say

It was based by level, Lvl 50 legendary COM in BL2 was always +5 into skills (lvl 49 was +4). Similar in TPS. In BL3 level has no impact on skils, only passives are different. They should change that for lower levels.

The biggest noticable difference on lvl 65 will be Magazine size on artifacts, from 54% to 60+.

Thought that’s how it was in 2, thanks for clarifying

Would help if they added a way of upscaling gear for eridium, that’d take most of the pressure off

Maybe even make it a bit more interesting with new playthroughs, found a perfect stagecoach for your flak on your lvl 10 Amara? Perfect! Go to sanctuary, pay the fine, get a max level version that’s identical