Class Mods & Diminishing Returns

Hey, we’ve seen tons of cool builds already and some speculation how class mods
will affect those. I’m just wondering if anyone can confirm, that certain skills are affected by diminishing returns at 6/5 and higher.
For example Helping Hand(s) for Amara gives us 12% dmg reduction at 1/5, increases 7% until 4/5 and increases 5% at 5/5 (35% to 40%).
There is a lack of transparency in how skills work in detail atm which makes this quite hypothetical of course, but maybe some gameplay shows cases of this already?
I remember that someone used 5/3 in Fl4ks Leave No Trace and it increased without diminishing returns from 36% chance to not consume ammo, to 60% (wow).
Just wondering, I wouldn’t mind having a Megavore class mod & get 40% critchance instead of 20% tho :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well I dont have answers about whether its has diminishing returns…but I am leaning towards having finishing returns. Mainly becuase some.clas.mods can give +2 to capstones. That’s a 60% megevore which is… aiiiiight. :man_shrugging:

Haven’t looked at everything but it seems damage reduction skills are the only ones with diminishing returns.