Class Mods for Jack the Doppelganger

All of the class mods are level 70 with their max stat passive bonuses. And all of the class mod names are links to pictures of said variation of those class mods.

Skill builder link so you can see what the skills these class mods boost actually do.
How the gun damage formula works in TPS in case you don’t know what terms like “multiplicative gun damage” or “elemental damage” mean, or you just want to find out why they’re special. :fireworks:
The Badass Jackass- Optimizing the Pet build: By @boombumr is a good resource for info on what class mods are specifically good for pet builds, and more.

Ranking System
:star:: Bad - Unless there is no other option, you probably shouldn’t use this for the skills it boost.
:star::star:: Average - Nothing too special. It will get the job done or works with a lesser used play style, but nothing more.
:star::star::star:: Good - Really good coms that are amazing at what they do, but aren’t quite that god tier the next rank is.
:star::star::star::star:: Outstanding - His best coms in the game, that are the staple of most end game builds.

Just read my quote for a quick, but informative, reasoning for why the com received the ranking it did. They are a nice TL;DR in case you don’t want to read my scatterbrained rambling.

Celestial Doppelganger

  • Critical Hit Damage (+49%)
  • Elemental Effect Damage (+43%)
  • Best Foot Forward
  • Just Compensation
  • Teamwork
  • Collaborate
  • Incentives
  • Marginal Benefit
  • Sustained fire increases your Accuracy with all guns.
  • “You know who you remind me of? Me.”

The passives of this com are a weird combo. On one hand the critical hit damage is a really nice boost and plays well with Jack’s strong suits. And on the other hand the elemental effect damage is kind of a waste of a boost as Jack is not built around DoTs, nor can he boost them in any other way. The skills it boost are an awesome mix of DPS, survivability, and utility that make you the true “Jack of all Trades”. The red text effect of this com is that all of your guns now have the Hyperion manufacturer gimmick of reverse recoil. It doesn’t truly work with all guns, as you need to “continuously fire” your gun from a single trigger pull for the effect to kick in. Which is a problem for Jacobs, Dahl, and some Glitch weaponry. But to make up for this the special effect works even better then what the description leads on to. The reverse recoil can literally give your weapons infinite accuracy, and as long as you hold the trigger long enough you can make even the most inaccurate of weapons reach their max accuracy!

Ranking: :star::star::star::star: “A truly awesome all-around com with only a slight blemish, and it has the best special effect in the entire franchise.”

Eridian Vanquisher

  • Shield Recharge Rate (+261%)
  • Air Control (+212%)
  • Max Health (+11657)
  • Just Compensation
  • Take Their Freedom
  • Synergy
  • Integrity
  • High-Frequency Trading

The utterly massive boost to shield recharge rate makes for one of the most interesting passives of any of the coms in TPS. It allows you to basically focus solely on shields with good capacity and delay, and it works very well in conjunction with the Naught shield. In the end though, this really cool passive tends to get overshadowed by the Winning/Leadership combo. The air control isn’t really worth boosting, but all EV coms have this passive and you can just think of it as a freebie that saves your ass once every blue moon when you get flung off the edge and need to side boost back over. Jack loves shield and health survivability, so the bonus health is always welcome when you have skills like TTF and Teamwork. Then with the skills you get a really good mag size and grenade damage buff, a skill for some of the best burst healing, and 2 heavy hitting DPS skills that synergize really nice with one another. I left out High-Frequency Trading because I wanted to specifically talk about it a bit more. It causes it’s 2 neighbors to proc more often and be easier to maintain. Or it allows you to put one point in HFT and put those other 4 points else where. Making this com yet another great example of how Jack is the true “Jack of all Trades”.

Ranking: :star::star::star::star: “Just a big ass compilation of everything you could ever need or want out of a com. It doesn’t really do anything special in terms of Jack, but everything it does, it does right.”

Chronicler of Elpis

  • Freeze Chance (+49%)
  • Cryo Damage (+49%)
  • Shield Capacity (+14895)
  • Lean On Me
  • Persistence
  • Optimism
  • Winning
  • Company Man

The freeze chance and cryo damage is really good if you’re ditching the whole “matching elements” thing, in favor of a pure cryo build. Making it so that the debuff element can almost do on par damage with matching elements is absurd. But despite this fact, Jack tends to drool over these passives much less so than some of the other vault hunters. Shield capacity is always good, and since it’s a flat rate its better to use this com in conjunction with a low capacity shield, as you will get more out of it this way. LOM is a nice basically always on fire rate boost. But because of how this com is built the other half of this skill, the bonus corrosive shot for your Digi-Jacks, tends to be wasted. Then you get another good DPS/indirect DPS skill with CM. After that this com seems to be geared towards one thing. And that is to have your Digi-Jacks go full on suicide bomber mode. As this is his only com that boost Optimism, which usually most people only spec one point into to get their Digi-Jacks to spawn with less health. Next is a boost to Winning so you can use shields that synergize well with ‘You Have My Shield’, but still survive easily at the same time, as those shields tend to have lower defense capabilities. And since this com is built for you to rely on your action skill to be out for it’s entire duration, thus not being able to utilize Jack’s awesome action skill refund, it boost Persistence so that you have less problems staying alive with a mediocre shield when your action skill is down. Add in ‘You Have My Shield’ and a cryo nova shield to take advantage of this com’s passive boost, and to boost Optimism’s nova, and you can see all the pieces fall together.

Ranking: :star::star::star: “It has two support DPS skills for yourself, and then the rest of this com is basically built around one niche build that relies on your Digi-Jacks. If it wasn’t for the multiplicative cryo damage, this com would have ranked lower.”


  • Cooldown Rate (+43%)
  • Collaborate
  • Winning
  • Delegation

Bonus action skill cooldown rate is such an amazing passive in this franchise, and on most characters it is worth trading up some of your other stats for that sweet cooldown. But if you spec him right, much like Salvador, you never really end up needing that cooldown. Jack has the best action skill recall refund thus far in the franchise, so that in combo with BFF makes the cooldown kinda redundant. Collaborate is a good skill that gives you a big gun damage boost, and your Digi-Jacks an equally big wrist laser damage boost. It is slow building and is reliant on your action skill being up, but you’ll feel that power surge as your stacks build in both you and your Digi-Jacks. Winning with the right shield makes you an unstoppable tank and should be the forefront of your defense. Add in the movement speed, and it allows you to close in and shotgun an enemy in the face, or run away from your Digi-Jacks to get their suicide chain rolling. Making for IMO his best survival skill. Last we have the glue that makes this com really synergistic, Delegation. Not only is it another big boost to your survivability, it also causes you to build your Collaboration stacks faster and for Winning to proc more often (with Leadership). With all the pieces in place you can see why this com boost cooldown rate on a character like Jack, as it is almost 100% reliant on your action skill being up and to stay up. And you can’t really afford for it to be down.

Ranking: :star::star: “Don’t get me wrong, it does everything it’s suppose to do, but in most cases it’s not a good thing to be this reliant on your action skill. And it doesn’t measure up to the other coms ranked above it.”

Best Man

  • Grenade Damage (+53%)
  • Just Compensation
  • Lean On Me
  • Marginal Benefit

The passive of this com is a hefty boost to grenade damage that can turn grenades (obviously), Tediore reloads, and certain slash damage in to more of a force to be reckon with than they already are. The skill JC will boost your grenade damage even higher, along with your mag size. And while its hard to keep the full bonus while mobbing, it’s still a great skill to boost. MB is a great way to get around lengthy reloads, sustain an active “glitch”, or even make sure that FFYL launcher will be reloaded when you get downed. And it has great synergy JC, because as you throw your grenades your mag will get larger and MB will have a chance to fill it for you. The last skill LOM, gives you a nice boost to your fire rate. And it gives your Digi-Jacks some bonus corrosive damage, which is really nice for armored enemies, as the 2 different elements your Digi-Jack’s can shoot are resisted by armor. The inclusion of LOM makes it seems like the devs intended this com to be the go to for weapons like the Spitter or Hellfire, but sadly it gets overshadowed by the Celestial Doppelganger in every way. Where it does excel is Tediore reload builds. And while it is complete overkill for mobbing, it will cause you to be an absolute boss destroyer. Here’s an example of what it can do (video).

Ranking: :star::star::star: “It’s overshadowed by the Celestial Doppelganger for its roll as a mobbing com. But for raiding, Tediore reload builds are its business… And business is good!”


  • Team Weapon Accuracy (+31%)
  • Team Critical Hit Damage (+24%)
  • Absolute Advantage
  • Synergy
  • Marginal Benefit

As the bullet sponge of the next leader of Hyperion, it is only rightfully so that he should have the ability to share his increased accuracy and critical damage with the “common” man. Needless to say the passives are a nice boost, and they are even better because you can share them with your teammates. They also fit in with the whole Hyperion vibe as they should. AA is the DPS skill everyone wants, but very few have. And is the sole reason your teammates will probably be getting those team boost whether they want them or not :stuck_out_tongue:. ‘Synergy’ makes for this com to have the highest DPS out of all of his coms 7 times out of 8. Then we have MB which ties this com altogether (in my head at least) to to give Jack his one “superpower”. AA gives you amazing DPS because of 2 things, rarely needing to reload and the ability to use those “high ammo consumption, high reward” guns with ease. And the highest DPS weapons you can use are glitch weapons. Pre-proc a glitch and then go to town. AA will make a gun that is essentially on its last mag last forever, Synergy will make it hit hard, and MB will refill it’s mag if its getting low. All the while keeping the same glitch for an entire map. For a character that is good at everything, to also be the best at something this amazing is mind blowing. Watch as you destroy the hardest content in the game at record setting times.

Ranking: :star::star::star::star: “This is the com that turns Jack from a “Jack of all Trades” into a “Jack of all Trades, master of one”. It can be used to great effect with many of this game’s best weapons, but it just lays the wood in combo with glitch weapons.”


  • Weapon Swap Speed (+30%)
  • Gun Damage (+43%)
  • Incentives
  • Marginal Benefit
  • Supply and Demand

Bonus weapon swap speed is always a nice utility stat to buff. And a nice big chunk of passive gun damage is always a good thing. The skill Incentives can give you a nice increase to your fire rate, but at the cost of your overall DPS because the time spent swapping weapons to gain stacks is time you aren’t shooting enemies (oh the irony), and it has a tendency to glitch causing your stacks to not stay preserved properly. Marginal Benefits is a cool skill, but it has its limitations when it comes to it’s overall usefulness. Then we have S&D, which is one of his lower in caliber survival skills. And being on tier 5 with Absolute Advantage as it’s neighbor makes it hard to justify taking this skill. This com is an odd mix. Not that most of the boost don’t work well together, they just aren’t all that special as a total package. The swap speed and MB are limited in their usefulness, and S&D is below average and has stiff competition. But while Incentives is counter intuitive and can be buggy, the fire rate it gives you is hard to argue against. The only other good buff is the passive gun damage, but those 2 aren’t enough to save this com.

Ranking: :star: “This is basically a really bad Hero com that tries to make up for that fact by giving you 2 mediocre utility buffs and a sub-par survival skill.”


  • Reload Speed (+33%)
  • Shield Recharge Rate (+43%)
  • Synergy
  • Winning
  • Believe

The passive boost of reload speed is always nice, especially since Jack doesn’t have any “always on” reload speed. The other passive of increased shield recharge rate is a good stat to have, but its a bit redundant in a way when you look a at the skills the com boost. ‘Synergy’ like the skill name suggest has great synergy with itself, and it is a great skill for any and all builds. Then Believe gives you a nice boost to 4 different stats, all of which are worth boosting. Finally it boost Winning, which IMO is his best survival skill, especially since is also gives you movement speed even if you have full shields. But with Winning the passive boost from the com for shield recharge rate is really wasted. As when you need that rate, you will also most likely be proccing Winning already anyway.

Ranking: :star::star::star: “The mix of survival and DPS is really nice, and the fact that they’re all kill skills is negated most of the time after level 25. Making it one of the best coms to use if you’re leveling in the Greater Good tree.”


  • Gun Damage (+41%)
  • Fire Rate (+21%)
  • Believe
  • Incentives
  • Integrity

A big passive buff to gun damage and fire rate makes for this com’s raw power to already be one of the highest, and it just keeps getting better. Then you tack on Believe and you gain another good buff to your gun damage and fire rate, but you also get bonus reload speed and accuracy to top it off. Next is Incentives. While it is kind of counter intuitive and can be buggy at times, it is yet another really big spike to your overall fire rate with this com. And to top it off it is only a tier 1 skill, so it is easy to throw one skill point into it regardless of your spec. Finally we have Integrity which gives you a big multiplicative gun damage bonus, which unlike Maya’s skill Reaper, Integrity actually works with guns that are pure splash damage like rocket launchers. And if you come late to the party and your friends have already whittled down an enemy to below 40% health, you get another 4x multiplier to Integrity’s already large multiplier, for up to 352% multiplicative gun damage (sadly the Digi-Jacks can not cause this bonus multiplier to proc). And all this for a tier one skill just adds to Jack’s overall insanity. The Hero com is Jack’s best com bar none for levels 1-14, and after that it still competes with the other top coms all the way to the end game.

Ranking: :star::star::star::star: “You trade up basically all of your survivability and utility skills for just raw damage and DPS. But with Leadership most of Jack’s survivability skills don’t need to be boosted past 5/5 anyway.”


  • Shield Capacity (+13599)
  • Shield Recharge Rate (+49%)
  • Synergy
  • Hero Pose
  • Marginal Benefit

More shield is always good and never goes to waste, but this is the smallest flat rate out of all of his coms. And when you compare it to Jack’s most popular shield, this is just a drop in the bucket. A big shield recharge rate is really nice, but this stat gets undermined by Winning. Making it a waste of a passive most of the time. Synergy is really the only thing good about this com, but it just can’t save this com in the end. Hero Pose is a good well rounded skill that would be well received in BL2, but again Winning trivializes two-thirds of its stat boost. The other third is still good and works well with Winning, but when you have to get to tier 4 of the ‘Hero’ tree, you start questioning if it’s really worth it. Marginal Benefits when boosted high enough is a reliable way to forgo reloads entirely, and it really helps with glitch weapons or weapons with long reloads. But in the end you only get so much bang for your buck with that skill. Winning really devalued this com’s role when it comes to Jack.

Ranking: :star: “If it hadn’t put all of its survivability cards in one basket, or if the passives would have been worked better, this com could’ve at least been decent. But as it stands now Winning really causes the irony to show in its name.”


  • Max Health (+16190)
  • Team Shield Capacity (+19428)
  • Bolster
  • Take Their Freedom
  • Hero Pose

For Jack more max health isn’t a bad thing, but it’s still one of the weaker passive com boost. And really isn’t that big of a boost because of how the max health formula works. The max shield bonus is nice and it’s even better since it’s a team boost. But in the end it’s kind of a small boost, and on something like the “Shield of Ages” you wouldn’t even notice it. Bolster, which after his game changers, is Jack’s go to pet skill as it will allow you to build up ludicrous amounts of damage for your Digi-Jacks with smart play. And it also increases their survivability drastically, which in turn will increase their damage even more as Bolster requires you to keep your Digi-Jacks alive as long as possible. TTF is his second best pet skill as it’s basically what makes Bolster work in the long run. Your Digi-Jacks continuously lose health, but you need to keep them alive. So on every kill TTF replenishes a large portion of their health allowing them to tank better, live longer, and do more damage. It also replenishes your own health by that same large portion. Hero Pose is just a basic boost to all shield stats, but its not that big or small its just very… average.

Ranking: :star::star: “It’s probably his best pet com IMO. And even though it can be a very strong play style, it has some problems that make it less popular. Like restricted maneuverability, element locked, lower boss DPS, ect…”

Role Model

  • Team Max Health (+11657)
  • Lean On Me
  • Resolute
  • Persistence

I’ll just start out with “this com was basically fated to be the bastard child of his 2 main play styles” :slight_smile:. The max health boost like I said isn’t bad, but it’s small. In fact it’s tied for the smallest out of all of his coms, and in reality, sharing this boost with your teammates will do to 1 of 2 things. The boost will either be so small it doesn’t help them, or based on their character/build, it will work against them. LOM is a nice boost to your own fire rate, and it gives your Digi-Jacks a chance to fire an additional corrosive shot. It might even be worth trading up an over boosted Bolster for this skill in armor heavy areas (but probably not). Resolute boost both you and your Digi-Jack’s weapon damage, and it gives you all a nice chunk of damage reduction, making for a very solid skill. Nothing special, but still a nice all-around skill. Persistence gives you a good conditional max shield boost and health regen, but I feel it’s better to just spec more heavily into his other survival skills then pick up this… skill.

Ranking: :star: “After looking at this com again it’s just a worst Chronicler of Elpis com in every regard. But I guess that’s what happens when you buy gear from the manufacturer that makes ‘LOW TECH JUNK’.” :stuck_out_tongue:


  • Max Health (+18780)
  • Health Regen / sec. (+434.4)
  • Bolster
  • Take Their Freedom
  • Persistence

The health regen is literally nothing, nor is it needed with this com. If you want my thoughts/rambling about the max health, Bolster, and TTF then just read what I wrote about them in the Protagonist com section. Persistence works well with this com, as for the most part you’re going to have your Digi-Jacks out their entire duration, so they’ll be on cooldown often. And you’ll want the shield capacity and health regen, as you lose a lot of survivability without your Digi-Jacks, but I never found the boosts to be powerful enough to warrant the skill points I spent.

Ranking: :star::star: “It’s basically the same as the Protagonist, but the Protagonist has better passives and the VIP has a “better” tertiary skill. If you want a more in-depth comparison read @boombumr’s pet thread I linked above.”


  • Hyperion Gun Damage (+49%)
  • Slam Damage (+49%)
  • Absolute Advantage
  • Company Man
  • Best Foot Forward

The passives of this com include an increase to slam damage, which is the theme of all the non-legendary Holodome coms. And while its not the best stat to boost, it also isn’t that bad of one and you can think of it as an extra freebie. The other passive is a really nice boost to Hyperion gun damage, that makes those guns that are balanced around their extreme accuracy hit hard. The skills it boost includes his best DPS skill, AA, which a lot of builds are built around or at least include. The next skill, CM, requires that you have a lot of Hyperion gear equipped for it to be effective, but the massive passive boost to critical hit damage is well worth it. And even on Hyperion weapons the bonus accuracy helps in a couple of ways, but it’s mostly some of the other manufacturers that love the bonus to accuracy. The final skill, BFF, could be argued that it is his best utility skill, as it makes his benefit filled action skill seem almost never ending. All in all this com screams Development abuse and has a bunch of synergy with itself, but it still works great with a lot of guns and it is a great alternative to the CEO com.

Ranking: :star::star::star::star: “A combo of bunch of direct DPS, along with indirect DPS and an amazing utility skill that makes this com into one of his best mobbing and raiding options.”


If you have anything to add or suggest feel free to. As this is my first time doing this and it’s all basically from scratch in regards to Jack.

And if anyone wants to try to make a banner I’m open to putting it on the tread, but no promises.

Might I suggest making a distinction between COMs used for pet Jacks and COMs used for popping Jacks, like the skill guide? Some COMs are just downright terrible outside the context of pet builds, but are incredible when used for that purpose.

I was going to use the descriptions for that, instead of having separate rankings. Same thing I did with not using a Pros/Cons section. Unlike his skills, you will use a specific com to achieve what build you want. I.E you aren’t going to normally use a VIP com for non pet builds.

The rankings are the most subjective part of this guide, and I’d assume if you’re coming for help you’d be willing to read a little.

Plus your guide is the go to for pet builds and you have the preferred coms listed already. I could link it if you want.

That would be might dandy of you :grin:.

Please forgive the worry-wart attitude I have toward that. I can’t really help it sometimes.

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Already did it. :acmaffirmative:

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Informative, easy to follow, great guide :thumbsup:

Keep up the good work :smiley:

This will help me a lot when I get my copy of the game. Thanks

Love it. Thanks for the time you put in on it. I do have a suggestion. Only because I was looking for the “ranking system” per com you mentioned in the OP. I don’t see that as you break down the coms after the celestial. Are you going to add it? am I jumping the gun?

Yeah you’re jumping the gun, but its fine. I just laid out the skeleton last night, and did 1 com as an example. I’ll finish the description, ranking, and comment for all the coms in due time.

And just so you know for the future…
(WIP) - means “Work in progress”.

So any threads with that you see in the future mean they aren’t done yet. :acmaffirmative:

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and here I thought it meant car or ride…

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You’re still a little too hard on incentives, it’s a solid skill that isn’t that hard to keep up (It’s not like you’re going to switch weapons while you’re trying to kill something, you switch after killing something [or in lieu of reloading], and even if you “lose” your stacks they’re back up in like 2s, especially with pistols). Whether you personally like it or not it’s still a free 40% FR from a basic skill (Which is almost objectively good, definitely not a “mediocre utility buff” though).

I still don’t think Economist is a good com by any stretch of the imagination, but that’s mainly because two of its skills are Marginal Benefits and SD, but any other character would be screaming about a GD + FR COM.

I could actually imagine this COM being an amazing Blue if it had a good or passable second skill, like company man/synergy/believe, over MB or SD.

True, but this isn’t the case for bosses and it is a pain in the ass (personally) to micro-manage while mobbing. And IDK if I’m the only one this happens to, but the stacks do have a tendency to decay independently at times.

The Hero and Economist both basically have the same passive gun damage, and both have Incentives so I started my “quote” comparison after that.

The 2 mediocre utility buffs are the swap speed and MB.

So after the similarities…


  • 21% passive FR
  • Believe 5/5
  • 25% gun damage
  • 20% accuracy
  • 20% fire rate
  • 20% reload speed
  • Integrity 5/5
  • 40%-160% multiplicative gun damage on enemies below 40% health.


  • 30% passive swap speed
  • MB 5/5 - 45% chance to reload equipped guns on grenade throw
  • S&D 5/5 - up to 5% health regen based on how low your health is, and up to 1% for teammates

So in my mind there is no reason to use the Economist, unlike the Best Man com’s similar situation. Not that it is a good com in the first place IMO. I implemented my favored “compare them all to one another method”. Where even if they are all different levels of usable, someone is still going to get last place.

As apposed to rating them on their usability, where only coms like Maya’s Witch com (yes it works with the Infection) would get 1 star. And IMO the Economist is his worst com.

But I added very detailed descriptions to help get away from the kinda subjective ranking system.

Thanks for your input though, if you have anything else feel free to tell me here or on the message.

K so the Hero is basically close to my ideal Economist. Defended well.

Just didn’t come off exactly that way in the OP.

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I’m open to suggestions, language isn’t my thing.

Or the Eridian Vanquisher may be up your alley. It’s like a Hybridized Hero com in a way. A bunch of other stuff, but close to the Hero’s sheer power.

I’d be more on the lines of “It boosts GD and FR which would be good but…” then make the comparison to the Hero COM, rather than “All the skills are bad but it has Gun Damage”, which isn’t entirely true. (If you were to focus on the negatives it would be on Marginal Benefits and Supply and Demand and the fact that the COM as a whole doesn’t mesh well as a whole.

Oh yeah and on 360 i’ve never had an issue I’ve remembered with Incentives other than, “whoops forgot to switch back to the pistols”, so afaik it’s a functional skill that’s a really solid buff that, yes, requires some effort, but you shouldn’t say the skill’s bad because it’s “annoying” to use effectively.

Just to be clear, I do agree that the Economist is his worst COM and the rating is justified, I just feel the entry itself hates it for not all of the right reasons, where your actual defense is more on track.

I’ve played a TON with Jack for a long time now.

I just recently acquired and tried the Purple Rarity Praiseworthy Entreprenuer Class Mod. Mine is not Max stat for the % buffs, but gives 5 to Synergy and 4 to Winning and Believe. I love it. You can proc your kill skills so easily with the Digi Jacks and this pretty much makes Jack invincible. The movement speed and shield regen upon a kill is amazing.

I also just acquired the purple Projection Class Mod as well. It’s ok, it’s not my favorite, IMO Hyperion guns are just not appealing to play with. If I play with this mod I will get up to 6 Hyperion items equipped and roll around with 2 other guns that I use a majority of the time for the Crit bonus. But, since this mod doesn’t buff Integrity, Synergy or Believe, you suffer a huge damage loss.
It’s an ok class mod, I don’t see the big damage buff gains other people have said they do in just the accuracy and crit bonuses.

Also, from what I’ve found and played with alot is that with the CEO of CEO and Hero Class mods is that the blue rarity offer more than the purple.

The damage it gives you isn’t close to coms like the Hero, but the DPS is gives you is second only to the CEO com and 1st when it comes to Hyperion weapons. AA allows you to use ammo hogs or weapons that reload often, to effectively break their balancing like the Quad, Development, Machine, Pitchfork, Gatling Gun, all glitched weapons, ect…

And the crit damage it potentially gives you is really good, and is technically a multiplicative damage just like Integrity. So I wouldn’t look down on it to much. And the accuracy it gives you is indirectly boosting your DPS. All those bullets or pellets you would normally miss now hit their target, effectively increasing you damage and thus increasing your DPS.

An example of the Projection’s “power” (video)

Those aren’t the recommended rarities, I just made all the none legendary coms purple.

Why I mentioned a “recommendation” section where you mention the best variant(s).

As khimerakiller alluded to, the Projection COM doesn’t give a ton of raw passive damage. The damage boost here, both in terms of sustainable DPS and burst, comes because of what the COM allows you to choose for weapons. You’ll do more damage with a Fatale using a blue Unbelievable Hero than you would with a Projection COM, but you’ll rule the world with a Rustler’s or Doc’s Flayer and a Projection COM, or a Machine + Projection, or a Quad + Projection, etc.

I use a Flayer for most boss fights, but a blue Projection COM (+5 BFF, +6 AA) and a purple cryo Practicable Bilateral Facetime, ‘Sponsored By’ Torgue… WOW. That’s a damn good time for mobbing.