Class Mods for Jack?

I have a level 70 Wilhelm and it’s my first time using Jack. I currently have him up to a 45, but I’m wondering how the class mods are. I REALLY like the Synergy, Believe, Winning class mod (not sure what it’s called) because of the kill skills. Is there a legendary version of this? I got the Celestial Doppleganger Mod but it really didn’t seem that good being as I don’t use the red tree (right).

The only mod that boosts winning is the chronicler iirc. One interesting purple mod is the projection, pushing Absolute advantage, BFF and company man, thus gives you almost unlimited free ammo during action skill (with leadership) and extra accuracy and crit for just having hyperion gear equipped.

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Legendary does not always mean better. Blue or Purple mods are perfectly viable.

Also there isn’t any legendary mod that buffs those.

Try the projection. It’s awesome.

I just looked and I have the Shrewd Entrepreneur Class Mod, Purple lvl 25 :confused: But yeah it boosts those three kill skills which really dominate during gameplay ha I’m open to other suggestions too! Unfortunately like I said, I don’t use the Red Skill Tree though

If you wanna try a speedy build, Antagonist boosts Winning and cooldown rate. Projection is my favorite but I also like Best Man (explosive damage), Chronicler of Elpis (boost company man), and Celestial (just plain OP)

If you are doing a Grenade focused build go for a Best Man or Eridian Vanquisher COM.

I use celestial for the nades and the never dying. It’s a good all around com. That being said I have a max winning com for running around, and a better nade com for boss farming when I want to ivf farm a boss.

Yeah I guess I’m looking for the entrepreneur class mod at a level 50 then :confused: I think that’s the one I have that boosts the three kill skills in the middle tree (synergy, winning, believe)

Hero boosts kill skills in the middle tree. Unbelieveable (Believe), Incorruptible (Inegrity), and For Hire (Incentives). A blue Incorruptible with +6 Integrity and +5 Believe is my favorite general-purpose COM for Jack. It’s also Hyperion, so add a stack of Company Man as well (aren’t they ALL Hyperion, though?). Actually, sorry, only one of those is a kill skill, either Believe or Integrity. The other of those two gives that bonus to damage against targets >= 40% of their health, which is SUPER helpful for finishing badasses and bosses. That last bit against Iwajira goes QUICK. And when you pack that on top of a Thorny Ol’ Rosie or E-Gun or Vibra-Pulse (or even a non-unique Maliwan laser), the continuous damage bonus makes that enemy health bar straight SPRINT to zero. If you like gun offense, the Hero COM is a good choice.

THANK YOU for that answer @TheRAbbi , exactly what I was looking for ha That will be the class mod I look for then or the level 50 entrepreneur one if it’s even real!

Agreed legendary does not mean better, even though the Chronicler and Celestial even some people like the eridian vanquisher, it comes down to playstyle. I run a Antagonist COM and do very well without going into Free Enterprise tree at all. Teamwork, take their freedom, both excellent survival skills.

Surprised no one mentioned CEO com. A blue CEO of all CEO’s class mod gives +6 to AA and +5 to synergy. Boosts critical hit damage and accuracy. Projection is good, but if you do some maths, then projection is not nearly as good as CEO in terms of dps

Let me do the maths here:

Lets take an Projection with +5 in AA, +4 in CM and +4 in BFF. Lets say we maxed out CM and use 7 hyperion gear parts (assuming the use of an deputy jack build).

Boost from CM: 15% x7= 105% accuracy bonus. pretty much overkill, 100% is maximum anyways
20% x7= 140 crit hit damage. ok, nice one, adding +5 from synergy (like in my example from below) = 170% crit hit bonus.

and 80% free ammo, every 5th shot consumes ammo (presumably). nice. the added bonus time for our action skill is nice, but i never use my action skill full time. ending it earlier gives me a nice bonus to cooldown time

Now, lets take a look at a CEO of all CEO’s class mod with +6 to AA and +5 to synergy. Assume we still maxed out CM and AA
first of: 88% free ammo. so only every 6th shot consumes ammo (presumably). better.

boost from CM: 7,5% x7= 52,5% accuracy bonus. not nearly as much as with Projection but do we really need 150% with a weapon? no.
10% x7= 70% crit hit damage. ok, also not as good.
boost from Synergy: 60% on crit damage and weapon damage. so 130% crit damage

boost from the class mod: if we take a maxed out blue CEO of all CEO’s com: +31% accuracy and +24% crit damage.
so combined:
83,5% accuracy - we really don’t need more
154% crit damage - nice bonus, but not as much as the projection com from above, though the 16% won’t make that much of a difference.
BUT also +60% weapon damage.

if you do some dps test, you know that you cannot always land crit hits. so the 60% weapon damage bonus is nice.
if you take a blue Projection com with +6 in aa and +5 in cm, you will do way more crit hit damage, but way less normal damage. and besides: the 60% weapon damage is also taken into consideration when calculating the damage of a crit.

If you want an all around good mod:

Celestial Doppelganger
Indistinguishable Projection with +5 in AA, +4 in CM and +4 in BFF
Chronicler (to some extent, with the right build)

If you want to focus on absolute DPS:

CEO of all CEO’s with +6 in AA and +5 in Synergy
Indistinguishable Projection with +6 in AA and +5 in CM (though for pure dps, CEO is way better)

hope this helped^^



Thank you for taking the time to break this down, definitely helps in my decision of which one to choose. Though finding a blue or purple projection mod has proved difficult. Only seem to get green from badasss round. Any suggestions?

I think it depends on what you want to do as well. For general play through I recommend what Glacier said…that is what I use for my Jack. If I need a little more survivability I use the Celestial.

If I am taking on Iwajira, I use the Best Man class mod to get the extra mag size and can take him out with a few throws of an IVF.

I’ve made a table to break down all the class mods worth considering in order of best from left to right. The ranking is based on my opinion and my current build. All class mods are blue except for Indistinguishable Projection and is a 5 in Company Man. I use 6 Hyperion items total.

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Thanks for that! Can’t say much about your selections (best to worse) since I’m just getting back to Jack but I appreciate the table. What about the Celestial Doppleganger often mentioned here – would you rate these 4 above it?

edit: o.k., a question: aren’t some of the bonuses listed above dependent on a kill? An asterisk to indicate would be helpful – kill skills are great for mobbing but not always for bosses with few minions to kill.

Well with Leadership kill skills kinda become permeant but you are right. Hard to rank Celestial, it’s a strong class mod but it depends on the build and weapons used to maximize it. If I had to say, it would be in between CEO and Unbelievable.

You can get the blue, and possibly purple one from the BA round. I just dashboarded untill i got a blue one with AA and CM. Never actually seen a Purple tho.

[quote=“Ha_Na, post:2, topic:253512, full:true”]
The only mod that boosts winning is the chronicler iirc.[/quote]
the Antagonist class mods boosts some combo of Winning, Collaborate and/or Delegation (along with cooldown rate)

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I personally only ever use 3 mods (well 4 but that’s just a cooldown buff for when I’m in combat and need my jacks back asap) the celestial class mod for lasers/ elemental guns, the projection I mainly use just for luck cannon/ rerouter build, then the mod you mentioned that boost winning (forgot the name) but that is my main mod with most guns considering I mainly use jakobs weapons