Class Mods for Melee Amara

I’m pretty happy with my current melee Amara loadout: Facepuncher, Psycho stabber, brawler ward, etc. The one thing I can’t really seem to figure out are class mods. I don’t really care about brand bonuses, but I’m specifically looking for a class mod with the scythe icon skill. (Forgot the exact name) It should boost melee damage by 100%, which would be pretty good all things considered. I just can’t find it! I’d like to know how these are generated: For example, do legendary class mods give pre-determined perks? Do certain rarities grant better perks? Please let me know

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Oh, it’s called Find your Center.

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You may like this thread, it’s a comprehensive guide to Amara’s class mods -

The legendary Breaker is the COM you’re looking for, it can boost Find Your Centre as well as Personal Space and Jab Cross.

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On xbox by chance?

No, on pc.