Class Mods for trade - What is a God Roll?

So i farmed these for my Zane over 4 hours, sold over 80 bad ones. But it occurred to me with so many people asking for God Rolls. What is a God Roll?
Wouldn’t it be completely different for each individual and character and build they are using?
My God Roll would be SMG, Weapon, Grenade Dam and maybe replace one with movement speed, fire rate, Crit.

What is yours? If you see something here that would fit your build let me know.

If you happen to have one that fits mine please let me know, also trading for SNTL weapons at the moment. Especially Recurring Hex, Ghast, Lucians, Shredifiers, Warlords, Infinity Pistols, Pbys,

Hey man. Think I can get the “Unsporting Seein’ Dead” w/ +2 playing dirty & +3 Donny Brook - weapon dmg - atlas critical dmg - maliwan accuracy ?

My gt. is RavenMock3r

sure, will send over - If you find any SNTL stuff feel free to send over if you don’t need

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Sure thing. And thanks.

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So i have been told there are three god rolls in that bunch-

I think you were right about it being suited to a players preferences. Different playstyles require certain stats. But that Splash dmg / Weapon dmg / Grenade dmg one is a beast. Couldn’t ask for a better stat roll.

hey bud I’m interested in these if that’s cool, let me know if I’m being greedy. And any sntl items I will send your way

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sending over tonight, thanks for the SNTL gear

Thanks bud. Hopefully I come across some good stuff

While everyone’s “god roll” may be different, there are several stats that are more sought-out than others. Weapon damage, smg or assault rifle damage, splash damage, grenade damage, are generally more useful and versatile than brand-specific perks, reload or accuracy ones, etc. When people ask for god-roll gear they are usually referring to these highly-requested perks.

I don’t have anything you’re looking for on your list, unfortunately, but I’ll keep an eye out for you :slight_smile:

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Still farming for the perfect one, these are still up for trade