Class Mods not unlocked

I am level 31 all quests completed up to Family Jewel and my class mod slot is still not unlocked.

After searching it should have unlocked after beating the Hostile Takeover story line, but that was ~20 levels ago…

Did you try equipping one regardless? I had some UI weirdness on XB1 around when it was supposed to be unlocked, but I found and picked up a class mod and it auto-equipped. Since then, I haven’t had an issue.

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The icon is still red so I cannot select the mod to drag it over or double click to auto equip. I also tried dropping one but the hold E to equip prompt did not appear/

Really not sure then. You could maybe try joining the game of someone running the unlock mission and see if you can trigger it that way? It’s ‘Hostile Takeover’ and you need to defeat Gigamind.

Actually, now I think about it - he drops a class mod on the story mission. Did you pick that up? If not, you could always try hitting him a few times and see if you can get the slot to unlock that way.

Just realized this is my situation as well. Class Mods aren’t unlocked, and I’m way past Gigamind. I feel like I remember picking up the class mod, but it’s so long ago I can’t be sure.

NVM, false alarm (for me). I was thinking of the other add-on - relics? Haven’t unlocked them yet.

What the hell is wrong with the devs… I’m exactly 1 year after this thread and I’m facing the same problem on ps4 and their is no solution for this yet?? Wow. I didn’t think was m possible to be worse than ea… But apparently it is…

Given it’s been over a year since there was any activity in this thread, I’m not sure this is a common and/or easily reproducible bug?