Class mods should add more to skill tree skills

Class mods added text perks are a great addition to this game, however I can’t help feel that they should add more then 5 to skill tree perks. While the text perks make them better then purple class mods I don’t think it makes them as great as Legendary class mods in 2 had over purple.

I don’t think they should add 30 like some in 2 did like 5 to all the top 2 perks in each tree, because it does have other added bonuses.

However I do think they should at least add 3 to 3 skills so a total of 9 and not a total of 5. Just to make them that much better then epic.

I’d like some high end COM’s straight from bl2. Have it boost a guaranteed 3 skills by 5 points each and forego special effects. Alternatively, have it boost a single 3-point skill by 5 points and add a negative effect like negative accuracy or handling.
The legendary COM’s are nice but I only really use them for the special effects. If I didn’t need the shield Regen I would have replaced my bloodletter with a purple COM with +3 desperate measures ages ago. The skills are what I really want out of these.

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Yah overall I feel they should be much much better then purple mods. For how little I get them dropped its just barely better.