Class Mods skill boost dont work at all

I’m playing borderland goty enhanced edition 9n xbox one. I have a soldier with the heavy gunner class mod and the skill boosts are not working at all. The mod has 3 attirbutes. +35% mag works correctly. +3 impact, not working. damage is the same as without the mod. I tried resetting my points only added 1 point to impact and mods and damage is not increased with the mod equiped. It also +2 overload and mag siza is not increased other than by the first atribute. Ive tested other mods and I’ve experienced the same issue.

This is really a game breaker for me especially since i spent ingame money buying mods and they are very expensive.

Had anybody picked this up?

There have always been some issues around certain mods. I’m not sure if the one you mention is one of them. I’d check out this thread for starters:

You could try unequipping then reequipping the COM to see if that fixes it?

There are some COMs with broken 5th lines, but I haven’t heard of skill boosts being broken.

Ok, just did some tests hitting the armored parts of Skagzilla.
With zero skills and no COM equipped, I dealt 297 damage.
With one point in Impact, I dealt 306 damage.
I then put on my Heavy Gunner COM.

I should have +12% damage from 4 in Impact, and +42% damage from the 5th line, for a total of +54% damage. I think it’s all additive.
I dealt 438 damage, while 297*1.54 is 463.

Yeah, something seems strange with Impact. Didn’t have time to check Overload, I gotta go to town.

I realized that the Rakk Hive would probably be a better testing dummy, since it has a ton of HP and doesn’t have any armored areas.

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Thanks alot for taking the time to test it. Is it possible only impact and overload is effected? Im only at level 20 and can’t test a variety of skills mods are expensive. I would like to know if other skills are effected too.

Which weapon did you use? The new gearbox legendaries have weird interactions with class mods. Impact also doesn’t affect rocket launchers or eridian weapons. Maybe elemental weapons don’t get the bullet damage bonus for being elemental but I’m not sure.
I’ve tested a surkov 981 dmg Surkov against midgets in front of New Haven and did 1128(9811.15) without the COM+15% from 5/5 Impact. Then I did 1246(9811.27) with the COM equipped(27% from 9/5 Impact). 0 sniper proficiency by the way.
Now about Overload, my Surkov has 6 base mag size and I have 2/5 Overload(+24%) without the COM, which gave me 1 extra mag(61.24). Then I equipped the COM which gives me 5/5 on Overload(+60%) and +80% from the mag which in total gave me 8 extra mag(62.4).
Everything was tested with a Heavy Gunner that doesn’t give weapon damage on the secondary effect.

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I was using a Mug Shot which is a gearbox combat rifle that has explosive elemental. So it’s possble that the impact skills doesn’t work like you mentioned above. Which sucks because most of the weapons have elemental effects and ill have to use normal weapons so make use of this mod.