Class mods to give PSN

I didn’t get all the pics of the class mods I have before going away but putting these ones up now for grabs on PSN. I’ve got more and may be able to updatethe post in a couple of days time when I’m next online.
I know they’ll be 5 levels down by then but if anybody wants them my PSN is wonga-bunny.
Please send a separate PSN message as a reminder for a couple of days time as a reminder.

Looks brilliant. Could you send me over the Seein Dead with the weapon damage, crit and fire rate? I’ll add you on PSN, look for EpicDamo.

I’d love that raging bear if you’ve still got it
Psn capnhonkers
I’ll message you on psn later

I’d love to get my hands on that Action Skill focused Seein’ Dead if possible. I’ll send you a message over PSN when I get off work today (if it’s still available) (would have loved that weapon/crit damage one, but hey, next best thing and Action Skill stuff is never bad in my book)
PSN: Zethren527

You can have both if you want. I’ll make copies.

If you have them available, I’d certainly love to get my hands on them. Would make framing once I hit 65 a bit easier I imagine.

Would also love that action skill seein dead. PSN JuniorSenior95. TIA

Id love the Splash Master com with splash dmg and SMG dmg!

Psn: iimpreZ-