Class Mods to Trade (pics)(updated 10/12)

I’m looking for a better Bloodletter class mod and a deathless artifact especially with added gun damage. Also interested in a anointed Flakker Heres what I have to trade for class mods:

I also have a bunch of anointed guns, feel free to inquire.

Int. The Blast Master Mod. Logging in now to check my bloodletters
[edit] bloodletter, 2 desperate measures, 2 phalanx doctrine, 1 thin red line: 13% fire rate, 1666 shield, 1487 hp

Previous poster beat me to the punch - I also want the blast master. I have two variants of Bloodletter:

Desperate Entrenched:
1 Thin Red Line, 2 each Phalanx and Desperate. 33% Handling, 13% Fire Rate, 50% Vladof Accuracy.

Desperate Entrenched:
2 Thin Red Line and Desperate, 1 Phalanx.
24% Weapon Dmg, 22% COV Fire Rate, 9% Tediore Damage.

Will trade either for the Blast Master. Oh and I’ll throw in a L49 Hellwalker to sweeten the deal if you want it.

I’m considering all offers at the moment. Thanks peeps.

Sorry! Someone in messages traded for the blastmaster.

Interested in the elementist mod for amara

Got anything to trade? Besides my specific requested items I’m trying to collect anointeds. @Onelastpunk

I have a ton of anointed might be easier if u just joined my game

Sure, send an invite, we’ll figure it out.

What’s ur GT:

Oh, duh.

Jesse Furygod

Having some technical difficulties.

Hit me up if you want to mob sometime. Thanks dude!