Class-specific Anointment balance needs work

Anointments are a cool addition to the game, but the class specific anointments are a mess. It boils down to 2 problems:

  1. For Fl4k and Moze especially, the class specific anointments are not better than the general anointments.
  2. Amara’s anointments are WAY better than everyone’s elses.

For point 1, class-specific anointments SHOULD be better than general anointments because they are far more specific in usage. If I got a +100% weapon damage anointment after ASE, I could throw it to any of the 4 classes to benefit off the special effect. But if I got a +250% weapon damage after PC, it would only be useful on Amara AND only if I am specced for a Phasecast build.

But currently, most of the class specific anointments are at best equal, at worse, much weaker, than general anointments. This is particularly the case for Fl4k and Moze. The best 2 anointments for those classes are probably the +100% damage after Rakk Attack and +125% splash after IB for 18s. The Rakk Attack one seems nice on paper, but is objectively inferior to the +100% weapon damage anointment - because that one doesn’t require you to actually damage an enemy. And these are the best anointments.

Then there are some truly pathetic ones, like increase accuracy and handling when FA is active (why would you need that in FA of all things?), the +40% incendiary damage when Autobear is active and the nova after Fade away ends, which has 0 synergy with any of Fl4k’s skills or playstyles.

There’s also the case that Amara’s anointments are far stronger than anyone else’s. There’s no justifiable explanation why this is the case. While Phasecast and Phaseslam have longer cooldowns, Iron Bear, Sentinel, Fade Away and Gamma burst all have longer cooldowns and far weaker (or in some cases useless) anointments. Not to mention, with GR and Phasezerker, Amara actually has far better anointment upkeep than almost any AS in the game bar Rakk Attack. It’s just bizarre they gave Amara anointments that are not just slightly better, but WAY better than everyone else.

I’m not saying the solution is to nerf Amara’s anointments - alot of people are having fun with them, and there are alot of unique builds which have arose from them. But there should be a balance - much like GB is interested in balancing class and builds, the same logic should apply to anointments. It’s not as if Amara needs those anointments to be competitive with the other classes - so all classes should have anointments of similar strength.


  1. Double the strength of all class specific anointments
  2. Give Fade Away and Phasegrasp better anointments - they are the 2 action skills which benefit the LEAST from increased accuracy and handling - but yet that’s what they get. They should receive damage based anointments on par with the other action skills (like +200% weapon damage or something ).
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I basically ignore annointments on Moze because i’m not specced into the tree with auto bear (not that it does much) so i never use iron bear. Maybe if i had one like Amara’s ridiculous damage, i’d hop in and hop out really quick. But that’d be on an upcoming raid boss. Not worth the time it takes for the current bosses.

It really is weird that Amara would have the strongest ones while having such a low cool down.