Class with most synergies with a Bullpup?

I really really love that gun because it reminds me of times when Dahl produced shotties. And I want to build a character around it. I don’t necessarily want a character with the highest DPS potential (because he/she is generally overpowered compared to other classes). I want a character which offers the most synergies between the gun and the skills. Therefore I thought Wilhelm (shotty class mod, shooting while sprinting, ammo regen, etc.) and Jack (Hyperion allegiance, Diversity “shotgun laser”, etc.) would be the obvious ones. What do you think?

Athena with Elemental Barrage and Unrelenting can do some nice things as well as the shotgun com which also does nice things with it.

@DankRafft Yeah I like Wilhelm’s potential with Hyperion shotties and a Mauler class mod but Athena is definitely the strongest with these weapons. Plus Hyperion shotties have perfect synergy with Aspis active.

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Plus Hyperion shotties have perfect synergy with Aspis active.

I REALLY like what I can do with them on Nisha, but Athena is probably the best character to get the most out of them.

Hm, I already use a Bullpup on Athena, as a backup weapon in case enemies survive Fridgia + Bloodrush. If I’d create a build around the Bullpup it would most likely be a Phalanx/CS one but I enjoy my melee-hybrid and don’t like Storm Weaving (constant weapon swapping). Hm… ok, I’ll try it again with at least two identical Bullpups so the swapping won’t affect the gameplay too much. :grin:

Storm Weaving+Elemental Barrage is amazing though.

Has anyone had a Bullpup world drop? I’ve never seen one but have only had it as a loyalty reward item

Nope. It’s only a loyalty reward item.