Class with most synergies with a Bullpup?

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I really really love that gun because it reminds me of times when Dahl produced shotties. And I want to build a character around it. I don’t necessarily want a character with the highest DPS potential (because he/she is generally overpowered compared to other classes). I want a character which offers the most synergies between the gun and the skills. Therefore I thought Wilhelm (shotty class mod, shooting while sprinting, ammo regen, etc.) and Jack (Hyperion allegiance, Diversity “shotgun laser”, etc.) would be the obvious ones. What do you think?

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Athena with Elemental Barrage and Unrelenting can do some nice things as well as the shotgun com which also does nice things with it.


@DankRafft Yeah I like Wilhelm’s potential with Hyperion shotties and a Mauler class mod but Athena is definitely the strongest with these weapons. Plus Hyperion shotties have perfect synergy with Aspis active.

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Plus Hyperion shotties have perfect synergy with Aspis active.

I REALLY like what I can do with them on Nisha, but Athena is probably the best character to get the most out of them.

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Hm, I already use a Bullpup on Athena, as a backup weapon in case enemies survive Fridgia + Bloodrush. If I’d create a build around the Bullpup it would most likely be a Phalanx/CS one but I enjoy my melee-hybrid and don’t like Storm Weaving (constant weapon swapping). Hm… ok, I’ll try it again with at least two identical Bullpups so the swapping won’t affect the gameplay too much. :grin:


Storm Weaving+Elemental Barrage is amazing though.


Has anyone had a Bullpup world drop? I’ve never seen one but have only had it as a loyalty reward item


Nope. It’s only a loyalty reward item.