Classes Question in the presequel

I had a few questions about the presequel, in terms of classes. Which class is best for Bosses? Best for adds, and Best for solo play.

Also I know that this next one is based on playstyle preferences but, which class is mosst fun to play?

to be honest I think they are all really fun to play in solo play I would say that Aurelia is the worst because she has a skill tree completely focused on co-op but even then I had a lot of fun playing with her in solo. As for which one is best for Bosses I think Nisha and Handsome jack are the best. Nisha is basically a glass canon if you spec here correctly she is a force to be reckoned with. Nisha is also very good for adds as well because your action skill regenerates for every enemy you kill so really her action skill can melt a boss but it can also destroy a group of enemy’s in an instant simply because of how much damage she can output. If you spec Nisha properly and use a celestial lawbringer class mod you can practically destroy everything in the game especially if you use the Maggie and spec into the skill that lets Nisha wield 2 of the same pistol. As for Handsome Jack I would say he is as good as Nisha for bosses but he isn’t amazing for adds but he can still do some serious damage. I remember I saw a handsome jack build based around damage, Fire rate and low ammo consumption and honestly that build was insane because if you spec properly and use the correct class mode their is a skill that lets you not consume ammo 70 percent of the time when you combine that with Jacks damage multiplayer’s and use a glitched Jacobs shotgun Jack is unstoppable. With that build you can destroy a boss in seconds I have seen people destroy the final boss in the claptrap DLC in less then 3 minutes and that final boss is one of the hardest in the game. I am not sure if you are new to the pre sequel but personally I think all the characters are a blast Nisha and Jack are clearly over powered but honestly all the characters are awesome and fun to play in Solo or co-op.

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yea, I am fairly new to the pre sequel atleast. I have played 2 for over 2k hours, so i figured id give the pre a shot now. I just trying to figure out which character to play as. in BL2 I always used either the Gaige or Kreig, right now Athena, Jack and Nisha are the ones im tied with on playing first/as a main.

The short answer to this is that all of the above depends on you and how you want to play each character.

However, it doesn’t do any good to give a generic answer like that even if it’s correct. So I’ll do my best to answer.

Which is the best for bosses?
Depends on how big they are and if they have adds. Claptrap and Athena can decimate anything big with a Flakker (although they aren’t slouches at dealing with smaller foes) but if Nisha can find an enemy to kill Tombstone will make short work of everything, even the raid boss.
There isn’t really a best for bosses. There’s only a relative worst. Compared to other characters, Wilhelm will kill most bosses slower than other classes, and Aurelia will be more likely to run into survival issues. However, Wilhelm has awesome utility for Coop boss runs, and Aurelia brings some serious DPS and can down bosses in seconds (although every character can do so to most bosses).

Best for Adds?
All of them. No character sucks at mobbing. Its impossible in a borderlands game to have a character that is the best or worst for mobbing. It would be terrible design. Some have certain aspects that may appeal to you more. Aurelia and Maya have similar crowd control capabilities, but no one in TPS shares Zero’s huge burst damage potential. Wilhelm and Jack have aggro draw, and Jack has basically infinite kill skills. Athena has huge damage mitigation, and Claptrap, if you can keep the kills rolling, is quite the tank. Nisha has her auto-aim, but is also surprisingly effective with grenades in the right spec.

Best for solo play?
Depends on your play style. I’m one of those people who will always suggest a pet class for solo play, so I’d suggest Wilhelm or Jack. You may not care for that however, and may want to go pure glass cannon or tank. Whatever floats your boat.

Most fun?
No idea. You’ll just have to try them yourself.

Although if you liked Krieg and Gaige, Athena has a combination of Krieg and Gaige’s elemental affinities with a bit of Krieg’s melee and tanking.

Jack is also fairly Gaige-like with his pets and damage capabilities. He can also tank extremely well, though perhaps not quite as well as Krieg.

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Thanks for this answer, Never did think of Athena of Kreig + Gaige, definitely awsome, I might start with Jack tho, and swap to Athena if I dont like him. I hear he is OP, but at the same time, weir on how to grab stacks.