Claw and order mission

The echo logs are not playing properly they are skipping right thru. Err


I cant start the cartels thing, mayhem 10 lootbis bugged and lots of lag…

Fail from gearbox

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Im having the same issue the holotapes go by in a blur then its just marcus talking again wth


Same here.

Playing on XBOX


Ditto here as well. I cant even find them in my ECHO log screen to replay them.


Same here on original Xbox one

Same here. We have 2 versions of the Xbox One between 3 of us playing.

I also encountered this issue, does anyone know a fix?

I’m having this exact issue. It speeds through so fast I can’t even read the subtitles to get what’s being said.

Same problem here as well, XB1X. With all the other problems this game has had from the start not surprised in the very east.

Yea because every other game released in the last 5 years have been flawless. Same issue with echoes. I do know Ensign Bob is involved, I’d settle for having the echoes ending up in my echo logs.

Same issue. Tried on 2 characters and neither worked. Did a power reset and tried a third - nada. It looks like the audio files are completely missing, or the game code is simply not looking for them, as you only get the ‘audio wave form goes here’ boxes and nothing else (not even in the echo logs). I’ll be submitting a ticket as soon as I get the video edited. Trying to remember - cam you remove the update separately from the main game?

Same here on Xbox.
And you can’t even listen to them again if you want.

Anybody find a solution to this issue?

July 18, 2020 this just happened to me as well. XB1

Did this mission for the first time today and couldn’t hear Maurice’s echo logs, so this is still a bug on XBox.

same tho.