Claw working as intended?

let me start by saying i love this charater. everything about her kit feels great to me. i love the mobility mixed with constant harass and dps. i do have a question regarding her mobility with the claw though. the skill info defines it as a short range lunge, but i’ve been able to pull off amazing mobility by aiming it towards the sky. using it while jumping allows me to get around the map and out of sticky situations. i absolutely love it because it allows for risky deep territory kills with the comfort of knowing i can claw out if the enemy team doesn’t block me… but i can’t help but feel i’m abusing a bug, especially if the tool tip says short range lunge.

if it is a bug, let me plead and ask that it be kept in the game because i really feel like is solidifies her role as an assassin. the ability to hunt down a squishy or low health target thru the team with the safety net of an escape puts her in a place that no other character fills, besides the obviously stealth-ers. plus its long cool down forces you to decide whether you use it to finish off a foe and risk being caught in the team, or let the poison tick and flee with the little hp you have left.

It might be intended. Caldarius comes with a similar move and it’s a great Escape tool. That and given they’re rather similar, I wouldn’t say it’s a bug.