Cleaning out my Bank Level 50 Giveaways (1st come, 1st Serve X-Box)

Annoited Stimulating Intense Shock Laser-Sploder (After swapping with digiclone, weapon damage increased by 75% for short time)

Cloud Kill

Fire Searing Nemesis

Lobbed Firestorm

Annointed Ferocious Lyuda 1296 damage, 15 mag size, 6.91 fire rate…on action skill end damage is increased 100%

Just let me know what you want in a post and leave your gamertag and I’ll send it to you in the mail through the game.

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lol just edited in to say add your gamertag and I’ll mail it to you…what’s your GT?

Can I have the Decaying Barrage?

My GT is: Starfall Shadow

What’s the stats and element on the engulfing shredifier? :slight_smile:

402 damage, 53% acc, 65 handling, 3.8 reload, 16.98 fire rate, 100 mag size.

Are you on Pc? if so i’ll be online at 9 pm est , and i would need 1 of your item if possible !! :slight_smile:

Thank you

No, I’ m on xbox and this is a forum specifically for Xbox players. But I know that these topics show up in the general Borderlands 3 forum topic so I’ll edit that in the title so no one else gets confused.

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My bad! and good luck :slight_smile:

Could I have the Anointed Transformer Shield? My gamertag is Senile

Can I have the double penetrating devestator
My gamer tag is outrunjohnboy

Could I have the engulfing Shredifier? My GT is AlexTheTimelord

I’ll take either the loaded dice or stop gap. My gamer tag is CavalierBus5725

Sent out to everyone so far…

Just checked lost loot

Can add Chupo Organ’s Homing, and Longbow. and a stark Westergun Cor/Rad

Could I get the Shocking Reflexive Kaos?

o Hired Gun o

Yeah you can get it. I’ll send it before i go to bed.

I’ll take the Snowdrift Otto Idol if it’s still up for grabs

GT is Dankey K4ng

Anointed Reflexive Cryo Nighthawkin
Please if still avaialable.

GT xMRx xTx

I still have it but it’s not just 392 damage and not 392x2…don’t know how I messed that up.

lol ok i just sent it and the damage on it says 392x3 now…yeah Gearbox has some patches that must be changing some weapon stats or something. Cause I looked at it earlier tonight and it just said 392 and yesterday it was 392x2.

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No worries thanks!