Clearer Youtube Videos From ShadowPlay?

Just used Geforce Experience/Now/ShadowPlay with a 1070 to record a vid to post on youTube.

Have not done it for over 3 years…

Did all of the highest settings but while the recording looks beautiful played straight from the PC recorded file on my PC…by the time youTube has rendered it…it’s fuzzy and frankly…bad.

What are you guys using to get sharp quality videos on youTube??

Did you check the video settings in the player when you tried playing back the video? YT will stream different resolution/frame rate versions depending on the settings (or what the platform guesses is best for your connection if settings are on auto).


Will try and report back…

The vid file was large…10.5 gigs

YuoTube must have compressed the holy heck out of it.

But I’ve seen other vids from common Joe’s like me that look much better than mine did.


You sir…are a genius!

Checked my playback settings in youtube itself…

Auto was set to 360P lol

Changed to 1080-60HD and it plays wonderfully.

Go figure…THANKS!


It also takes YouTube awhile to fully render large videos, so you’ll be stuck on 380p right after you upload it.


That’s good to know as well.

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