Clearing banks, bunch of free stuff

As the title says, I need to make some space so went through my inventory and listed my doubles. All items are level 50 and unless I wrote the annointment they don’t have one. You don’t need anything to trade, so if you want anything just say what and your gamer tag. That said if anyone happens to have an atom balm relic with a boost to shield I could really use it :slight_smile:

Sorry about the lack of formatting and order, I just typed them in as I saw them on each mule. Ignore the bit at the end of each item that’s just so I can find the items easier. Here’s the lust:

Overflowing scream of terror Shield x2 - Bank

Nova Berner annointed gunner Shield 75% shields on exit - Bank

True Monocle Sniper - Bank

Executive Bitch SMG - Zane wall

Hyperfocus ZX41 SMG terror anoint deals bonus cryo - Bank

Stuufed Quadomizer Rocket Launcher x3 - Bank and storage 2 wall/backpack

Hazardous Superball Pistol - Storage 1

Adundant ASMD Sniper Shock - Storage 1

Stark Kratakaa sniper - Storage 1

Harmony Nova Berner Shield - Storage 1

Health rerouter shield anoint terror skulls on phaseslam - Storage 1

Double penetrating occulus fire pistol x2 - Storage 3 and 4

Dueling wagon wheel pistol - Storage 2

Health Rerouter shield anoint terror reflects bullets - storage 2

Rubys wrath rocket launcher - storage 3

Compressing Firestorm sniper anoint ammo regen with digi clone - bank

Dangerous superball pistol anoint phase grasp fires skulls - storage 4

Cowboy Nova Berner shield anoint increase iron bear cooldown

Handsome Jack hammer SMG - storage 4

Riposte Impaler shield anoint 75% increase shield exit iron bear - storage 4

Riposte Impaler Shield anoint movement speed on ASE - storage 4

Rebate Front loader shield - storage 4

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Could I get the Ghast call Grenade? Gamertag is JumpnSpyder thanks!

Could I have a Transformer Shield?
Gamertag: Bleeks7509

Could I get that Hellwalker?

I may have an Atom Balm, it’s rad and it’s got 40% mag size as it’s best stat.

GT is xRoss357x

Could I have that Ruby’s Wrath?

GT: DeadheadHix09

The terror anoint or one of the normal ones?

The terror anoint. Thanks

I have an atom balm already, specifically looking for one that adds shield as my red suit is very low capacity so trying to counter it. Hellwalker sent :slight_smile:

Can I get the handsome jackhammer if you have it in shock that would be the best

Only have without element sorry, still want it?

No thank you I appreciate it.

Everything sent. I’ll check back in an hour or 2 to send another wave

Got it, thanks! Sorry my Atom Balm wasn’t what you were looking for.

No probs, it’s a pretty specific one I’m trying to get so hopefully I get it at some stage lol.

Thank you! I will keep my eyes open for the Atom Bomb as well.

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Bump I still have heaps to give away.

Can I get the quasar shock grenade and the binary cutsman, Thanks :blush:

GT: AxP ii Insanity

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Dastardly Maggie GT - ViolentBPI

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I’ll send both across tonight, I’m in Australia and at work so will be about 11 hours from now.


Items sent and list updated.

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