Clearing Corruption?

So, I a legendary mod with a Galilea-exclusive ability. It says “Clearing Galilea’s Corruption grants 105 health over 5 seconds.” Does anybody know what that means, or how it’s done? Leaving it to clear on its own doesn’t seem to do anything, and as far as I can tell there’s no way for me to actively dismiss it.

I’m pretty curious of this, myself. A few times I seemed to have proc’ed this perk by “clearing” out the enemies in my corruption bubble. It also seems to proc when it “runs out” and clears itself.

But I am curious of what really procs this awesome perk.

Corruption is the purple bar on the right side. I think it activates when it empties. You empty it by not attacking/dealing damage for a couple seconds.

Sorry, I meant to post this before, but it turns out that it is just the corruption naturally running out. I didn’t think that it was working, but it turns out that it was and that the healing effect was just negligible considering the lengths you have to go to in order to get it to proc. It turns out that this gear piece just isn’t that great.

I’d imagine this refers to the clearing of corruption that occurs after she has maxed her corruption - once she reaches max corruption (e.g. the purple bar is full), she will enter a heightened corrupted state for a bit, after which the bar instantly drains down to empty.

Hope that helps! :]

Yeah, that is how it works. The skill description is just misleading. It sounds like there’s some way for you to clear it yourself as a means of getting health back, when really it just has to clear on its own. The wording should probably be more like “When corruption clears.” I also didn’t realise that the healing was working the first few times I used it, because there’s no indication that you’re being healed like there usually is and because the amount of healing received is negligible. Although, now that they severely nerfed her healing through desecrate it might be a better gear piece to use.

Heh, so are over half the skills and items…

I.e. WTF is a “major enemy” classified as…? >_<

In case anyone wanted to see the legendary:


(There’s probably gonna be small fluctuations in the numbers, as with all gear FYI.)

That’s the one. Adding it all up it’s really not that great. The shield strength is ok, the attack damage is low, and the 105 health only comes after you stop attacking and, if depending on which skills you’ve taken, blocking for six seconds, and if you’re out of combat for that long then odds are you can get back a lot more health a lot faster through other means.