Clearing out my bank / 2 for 1 deals

Here’s a few things I’m interested in. I’ll trade any two of mine for one of these

Rakk attack 100% dmg anointed -

  • Faisor (fire / cryo / rad)
  • Bekah
  • Lyuda w/ over 1000 base dmg (fire / cryo / rad)
  • Star Helix w/ 2.9 & 4 weapon zoom

Gamma Burst 115% radiation dmg anointed -

  • Laser Sploder (rad / cryo)
  • Faisor (rad / fire / cryo)
  • Star Helix w/ 2.9 & 4 weapon zoom

Digi Clone swap 130% dmg anointed -

  • Carrier
  • Maggie
  • Alchemist
  • Trevonator (cryo & rad / cryo & fire)

ASE next 2 mags bonus elmtl dmg or 100% weapon dmg on ASE anointed -

  • Brainstormer
  • Rowan’s Call w/ 1.7 or 3.3 weapon zoom
  • Lyuda w/ over 1000 base dmg (fire / cryo / rad)

Class mod -

  • Rakk Pak mod w/ weapon dmg and/or splash dmg , area of effect dmg

My gt is RavenMock3r
Thanks for looking

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I have a rad Rowan’s Call w/ ASE next 2 mags rad, x3 no element Dictator w/ ASE next 2 mags cryo (but its lvl 49), and a no element Star Helix w/ 1.5x and 5x zoom and 130% dmg after clone swap

i got a maggie with rakk attack 50% crit and i have a brainstormer with rakk attack 100% damage ill take the lyuda

What’s up dude. I’ll take the Rowan’s Call. What would you like in return?

My gt is RavenMock3r

Awesome man. I’ll take the Brainstormer. Can I get your gt and I’ll mail it over to you?

My gt is RavenMock3r

I have a few of the things on your list you want, like the SNTL shock and the SNTL Cryo Sploder with 100% Cryo, etc. I have a ton of ASE and SNTL weapons,

Only thing i see your trade i could use is the Scpourge.

What i really need is SNTL gear, Slpoders, Lucians, Lyudas, Scoville, Warlords, Shredifeirs, Crossroads, anything with SNTL 100% Cyro

Let me know if you’re willing to trade for the Scourge bro. Unfortunately it looks like we’re searching for the same stuff.

Yea, i now have over 300 weapons with the SNTL Cyro, still missing some.

That’s crazy dude. It takes me all day long to finally get 1 or 2 to drop. Im really only after a couple of my favorites w/ anointments. Laser-Sploders, Faisors, Warlords, etc.

Found the shock and the cryo sploders, have a few Faisors and warlords as well

Willing to trade the cryo Sploder w/ SNTNL for the Scourge?

sure, will send it tonight

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Awesome man. Thanks. I’ll send the Scourge now. I think I have your gt, but can you give it to me anyways just in case.

New stuff

would be interested in the fire scourge and the cryo stop gap and the cryo re-router buddy. By the way, i just got a normal dam scourge last night with 100% cryo if you want one, let me know what you need

Alright cool. I don’t really need the Scourge, but if you can kick over any of my wants that I have listed, I’ll send those three items your way.

Yes i do, i have cor, fire, rad Dictators all with 100% cryo, as well as some of the others on your list

Can I get the rad Dictator w/ 100 cryo? And do you happen to have a fire or rad Faisor w/ 100% cryo and fire or rad Faisor w/ ASE next 2 mags bonus elmtl dmg?

If not I’ll be happy with the rad Dictator and any two of my other wants. I’ll send those 3 items over to you now and hopefully you can send mine over later?

The Ice Breaker Victory Rush looks good. I’ll send the Rowan’s in a bit.