Clearing out unused legendaries, trades preferable but I may give away some stuff

Here is the list of stuff I’m trying to clear out, all level 50 I think:

  • Cryo Woodblocker with Digi-Clone reload anointed perk
  • Expert ASMD
  • Redundant Brainstormer
  • Fire High Capacity Tamed Malak’s Bane with Iron Bear next 2 magazines have 40% bonus incendiary damage anointed perk
  • Cryo High Capacity Nimble Malak’s Bane with fire rate and reload speed anointed perk
  • Cryo High Capacity Tamed Malak’s Bane with fire rate and reload speed anointed perk
  • Deluxe Baby Maker++ with Iron Bear next 3 magazines reload speed and weapon handling anointed perk
  • Oozing Cocky Bearcat
  • Tunguska
  • Iron-Willed The Tidal Wave
  • Nuclear Jericho with Iron Bear cooldown ratre anointed perk
  • Handsome Jackhammer (no element)
  • Stark Krakatoa
  • Turbo Poison Ten Gallon
  • Hyperfocus Bitch (no element)
  • Deluxe Baby Maker++ (no element)
  • Round Up TK’s Wave (no element)
  • Blast Shield Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
  • Caltrop Rectifier
  • Shock Sponsorship Recharger
  • Corrosive Generator Transfusion Longbow
  • Corrosive MIRV Widowmaker
  • Shock Black Hole
  • Corrosive Surge
  • Health Re-Router (no element)
  • Atom Balm Rocket Boots
  • Nagata
  • Electric Slide White Elephant
  • Blood Sucking Blessed Blast Master Legendary Moze Class Mod

Things I’m Looking For (any variants will do unless otherwise specified):

  • Amara Dragon Class Mod
  • Amara Breaker Class Mod
  • FL4K Friend-Bot Class Mod
  • FL4K Red Fang Class Mod
  • Zane Executor Class Mod
  • Zane Infiltrator Class Mod
  • Rough Rider
  • Cryo Lucian’s Call
  • Laser Sploder
  • Rowan’s Call
  • Maggie
  • Unforgiven
  • Crossroad
  • Night Hawkin
  • The Butcher

What are the rolls on the blast master mod?

+3 Vampyr
+2 Pull the Holy Pin
+29% splash damage radius
+20% cryo resistance
+27% grenade radius

Nty, missing the +1 redistribution