Clearing up Space (free legendaries) updated 01-18-20 4:00 pm pst

Please say what you want (category, full name, which stats if multi versions) and leave your Xbox gamertag.
For just the new items added, see the bottom section titled ***new











***Self Damaging / Harm / Injury

***New items

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Hello. My gt it TreSir and I really like that +shotgun damage zane next day shockanator mod. Also that shock stone victory rush with +rad damage

Could i get the conference call, hyperfocus, 580 dmg infinity and masher? Gt Some Milk Bag, thanks in advance man!

Could I get that fire Rowan’s Call for my Graveward farming?

all items sent

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updated and added 5 new items

Thanks bad wolf

Could I get that Knife Drain Comm Planetoid?

I’d like to have that Firesale Everblast ++.
GT - Pr0fess0r Pyg

Red Card, Lucian’s Call and Decaying Ripper?

Thank you, thank you, thank you - whether you still have them or not!

GT: barb3000

Which red card? i have a supercell red card, retailiation red card and Iron clad red card

updated, added 10 items

can i get the back ham shield GT: SixBitThrowback
Appericate it so much my dude! :slight_smile:

Everything has been sent

can i get carapace from loader

RAD, Mirv Widowmaker.

GT is Cogs8

that loot expanding moxxi’s endowment please, and the lucky unsporting executor class mod w/ the 18% crit roll for zane GT: Tenebrouswulf

i think someone else already requested the carapace front loader a few hours ago, idk for sure, but just trying to look out for ya there.


Just got to this - whichever is fine. Haven’t played again yet, but, if already sent, thank you!

Nevermind. I think someone else requested it.