Clearing up Space (free legendaries) updated 01-18-20 4:00 pm pst

all items sent

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Ice spiker pull out, and spark plug pull out plz

Gt: Aether Seraph

I’ll take the shock stimulating devils foursum if you still have it. GT : yipikiya. Thanks

Hello kind person:
Can I get the following?
Shotgun -Facepuncher
SMG- Ultraclear Keenfire +
Grenade- Rain Firestorm
Class mod- Bloodsucking Charitable Blast Master (+28% splash damage)

GT: Omoplatypu5


Hey man, could I get those items from you and your generous friend?

New items - Cash-Infused Crossroad
New items - Artic Disciplined Night Hawkin
New items - Fire Rowan’s Call

Just want to say how awesome you are!!!

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Hello my GT is IXI Shyn3 IXI

Could I please have the Fire Cash-Infused Crossroads, Cryo Butcher, Hardened Stop-Gap shield and Fire Rowan’s Call?

I’m pretty sure someone else got to it first but if the Phasezerker COM is still available…

Artifacts- Snowdrift pull out method (if still available)
Class Mod- Megaton Molly Mind Sweeper (28%splash dmg, 10% hyperion dmg, 50% melee dmg)
Shotty- Stimulating Shredded Tiggs’ Boom
-Hazardous Trevonator

GT: Tenebrous Wulf

Thanks, you’ve really helped me out! :smiley:

Will get these later today guys, just been caught up in life.


will have to send out the snow drift later, send too many items and got put on a time out

cash infused crossroads was already claimed

cash infused crossroads was already claimed…

cash infused crossroads amd rowans call was already claimed, will send the rest when my time out ends

glad to help

seems like I lost the ice spiker or it was already claimed. the spark plug was sent tho

cryo butcher was also already claimed, sent the stop gap

all items sent, will try and clean up the list later today

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list has been updated and new items added

Under Artifacts, could I please have the Ice Breaker Safeguard? Thank you!