Clearly matchmaking is not working efficiently and needs a rework!

Im just sick of joining a takedown then getting a buncha immune to all my damage mobs. Dazed and infused or cryo immmune mobs are my bane. Cant keep my shields or self up.its embarassing as you get randomly assigned to their modifiers. U gotta reequip yourself or have whole loadouts on u constantly. Not ideal or fun.

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The many gameplay variables certainly doesn’t help. But there are major core problems with matchmaking beyond that. It needs to be scraped and rebuilt.


I came back now after half a year, just bought the dlc for 15 bucks. I die within the first 30 seconds every sibgle time, and matchmaking seemingly didnt improve one bit. That is more then disappointing to me, i basicaly cant believe that this is still an issue.
I was already sad as they announced there will be no dlc charackters, but this just makes the game unplayable in multiplayer - which i prefer.

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Slight update, now the Campaign matchmaking engine will put you in any Mayhem level. I have joined many M4-8 games when my game is on M11.

The game has needed a session browser since the beginning, if you ask me. Now we have arms race too, yet another splinter in the queues (if they can even be called queues).


Couldn’t agree more

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Haven’t played in almost 1 year. Game(patches) pissed me off too much. (old matchmaking included) :rofl:

I haven’t been matched in a team of 4 since the good olden M4 days when Mayhem 2.0 was still a brain fart of an idea.

Legends will tell you that multiplayer actually made the Maliwan takedown a true blast that the Guardian takedown never got the chance to be. :face_with_monocle:

Haven’t tried playing it coop because i know the matchmaking is ■■■■ haha

It’s the only content in this game i cannot solo because of the crystal stage timer ■■■■■■■■

So 1 piece of crap ways even heavier on an other piece of crap… This game could be described as a superturd with all the crap content :sweat_smile:

Another example of GBX taking two steps forward and one back. I don’t recall many people having problems with the matchmaking setup in BL2, which in my opinion works a lot better compared to what is offered in Bl3.

Good luck with a fix if it ever comes. You can put that on the “Big” to do list that they will never do.

For the record, BL2’s (and TPS’s) session browser was behind its time in more than a few ways:

  • you couldn’t see what classes people were
  • you couldn’t see where they were or what activity they were doing, only the active main story quest
  • the system didn’t even have the decency to show if they were in a DLC you didn’t have, making you sit through a loading screen before booting you out.
  • there were no filters, only sorting by a few rudimentary parameters

Matchmaking wasn’t necessary to fix these problems though.
Granted, it technically does - but while introducing new flaws. They could have just improved the session browser, and avoided the quite predictable problems we’ve got now (a campaign game’s playerbase drops a lot after release, and new content can’t be developed fast enough to keep population high? What a shocker.) The current result is indeed a situation where even the crappy system from eight hecking years ago would be an improvement.


I see it as a tragic failure when simple QoL features go downhill in a later installment of something.

This would be the equivalent of buying a new car, that is a direct replacement to your prior car. To find out that the radio has no presets for channels, and randomly selects a new channel when turned on.


Oh man, tell me about it

Good thing i never bothered with coop hahaha

But like everything in BL3 it fails to be a better then the previous.

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Did made it to a 2 player round now, only to find out that this isnt even better. Had like 4 fps when enemies started showing up. Thats just crazy. I dont get it. And its like that since mayhem 2.0, thats just f up.

Actually farmed 29 damn Old Gods for my Moze build to make her rdy for multiplayer, and now i am just gonna leave this game again because all, and literaly all, it does is disappointing me.
So if anyone needs one of those, feel free to ask. Ps4 btw

8 months later and matchmaking still sucks… which begs the following question:

What is Gearbox doing instead of giving us arm race that nobody asked for?

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Uh…Hmmmmm…Uh…Nerfs and Buffs?

Rest assured they are probably aware of it, no wait looking into it or was it nothing at this time. So many choices.

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Pat! Don’t worry! The folks at Gearbox…

… are aware of it :grinning:
… they will look into it :smiley:
… but not fix anything :sob:
… at this time :expressionless:


Excuse me. Are we “addressing concerns” here?