Clearly matchmaking is not working efficiently and needs a rework!

For the record, BL2’s (and TPS’s) session browser was behind its time in more than a few ways:

  • you couldn’t see what classes people were
  • you couldn’t see where they were or what activity they were doing, only the active main story quest
  • the system didn’t even have the decency to show if they were in a DLC you didn’t have, making you sit through a loading screen before booting you out.
  • there were no filters, only sorting by a few rudimentary parameters

Matchmaking wasn’t necessary to fix these problems though.
Granted, it technically does - but while introducing new flaws. They could have just improved the session browser, and avoided the quite predictable problems we’ve got now (a campaign game’s playerbase drops a lot after release, and new content can’t be developed fast enough to keep population high? What a shocker.) The current result is indeed a situation where even the crappy system from eight hecking years ago would be an improvement.


I see it as a tragic failure when simple QoL features go downhill in a later installment of something.

This would be the equivalent of buying a new car, that is a direct replacement to your prior car. To find out that the radio has no presets for channels, and randomly selects a new channel when turned on.


Oh man, tell me about it

Good thing i never bothered with coop hahaha

But like everything in BL3 it fails to be a better then the previous.

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