Clever design gameplay choices

As said above. One I would like to point out is how our resident fungi, miko, is agile and skinny, but was given a big crit spot to give incentive to be careful with characters like WTF and marquis and manage positioning, also that his ult makes his crit smaller giving an innovative survivability strategy


Same but reversed with Montana. HUGE damage sponge with a TINY crit spot.


Agreed 100 percent

Yeah but the problem with montanas character design is that there is no reason not to try to crit him. Same thing with Toby and ISIC.

I really REALLY wish they hadn’t scrapped the hit box design to proc different damages based off of the body part. Large modeled characters desperately need that incorporated into there design

Well there is not a problem with it, the whole point is it is harder to hit not impossible

Meh. I don’t think it’s fair is all. As whiskey or Oscar Mike it’s real easy for me to get about 20 percent or more of my shots to crit. The only great thing imo is that it’s basically impossible to crit him as a melee but Montana is an anti melee monstrosity

20%ain’t much, especially when compared to toby or kelvin

Was reffering to Montana on my crit ratio. Which I think is rather good since I don’t really try to crit all that much

Well, sometimes I duobt they’ve screpped that. As, say, Toby I frequently get slightly different hit DMG by the same attack (the same lvl) on the same characters. Quoting classic "Which is weird!"
Also: at times I have some significant trouble criting specific characters like Kleese or Thorn (to my surprise Marquis its my easiest Crit target), whether they move or stand still. Could be lag, could be Hitbox error…