Click, Click... Analysis & Math

Click, Click… has generated a lot of discussion and confusion among Moze players. There are regular discussions popping up in threads about if it is worth it and how the bonus works. My aim here is to explain how the bonus functions and the tools we have available to get the most out of it.

The Math

Click, Click… scales very simply. It takes into account how empty your mag was before the shot was fired and gives you the same percentage bonus of Click, Click’s damage.

  • The last shot of a 10 mag weapon will receive 90% of Click, Click’s bonus.
  • The last shot of a 2 mag weapon will receive 50% of Click, Click’s bonus.
  • The 3rd shot of a 5 mag weapon will receive 40% of Click, Click’s bonus.
  • The first shot from any magazine size will always receive no bonus.

If we put this into a formula for calculating Click, Click’s damage bonus we get:

Click, Click… = 20 x [Points in CC] x (1 - [Bullets in Mag pre-shot] / [Mag Size])

This give us the damage bonus as a percentage. If you’re interested in how this fits into Moze’s full damage formula you can look over at Moze’s Gun Damage Formula.

So What Does This Mean?

  • Click, Click’s bonus has a cap dependent on your weapons mag size.
    • The max bonus you can get from Click, Click… is

      Click, Click… max bonus = 20 x [Points in CC] x (1 - 1 / [Mag Size])

      So as an example with 3/3 Click, Click… and a mag size of 4 the last shot will receive a 45% bonus, whereas if we swapped to a gun with a mag size of 100 our last shot will get a 59.4% damage boost.

  • Bigger magazines can benefit more. Click, Click… is at it’s best when our mag is nearly empty. So the longer we spend with our mag nearly empty the better, larger mag size and skills such as Forge help with this.
  • If you want Click, Click… to be good you need to build around it.* If you just take 3/3 Click, Click… and then begin emptying your mags normally then the bonus really isn’t great. 3/3 would average 30% on big mag weapons and smaller mags would average less.

Getting More Out of Click, Click…

Click, Click… gets a lot from the rest of Bottomless Mags. Redistribution and Forge are the major players as they allow you to keep your mag low without having to necessarily reload. Matched Set and Iron Bank not only give you a bigger mag to work with but they also increase the rate at which we regen mag ammo. Cloud of Lead further adds to how long we can keep firing.

Guns with really large magazines such as Vladof AR’s allow you to maintain a low amount of ammo in the mag as the regen from Moze’s skills is really strong on guns with 60+ mag size. I can boost a Shredifier to 180+ total mag and then while mobbing maintain under 40 in the mag for a 45%+ damage boosts.

Guns with extra regen through either terror or red text can also maintain a low number of bullets in the mag. With decent aim Rowan’s Call can be kept at sub 15 in the Mag while mobbing.

A neat trick for keeping a low number of bullets in the mag is to take advantage of how Max ammo can soft cap a mag. If I empty my 22 mag Droog down to 8 in the mag and then buy ammo, then regen from Terror or skills won’t regen me past 8 in the mag.

Authors notes

  • I’m really interested if anyone else has input on ways to get the most out of Click, Click. So please share if you’ve got ideas on how to maximize Click, Click…
  • If you’re interested in my testing you can find the results here. Otherwise ask and I’ll happily explain both my reasoning and the measures I took to ensure accuracy.

I’ve been meaning to put together a CoV build with Click, Click… I’m just curious how much I can truly gain with it. I’m going to use Moar Linage, Skeksil, I guess the Regen gun from the side mission, and what ever else there is. Moar Linage is an extremely powerful gun, it’s just a bullet hose. It might over heat too fast even with bursts. But the burst lower DPS.

Also curious if Scrappy might reduce the “engine start up” time when swapping weapons.

I’ve stayed away from doing any testing on CoV as the lack of a precise current bullets in mag and the interference of C-C-Combo means trying to determine numbers is painful.

I expect the scaling will be relative to the ~shots to break number.

I’m sure it is. I was just strictly referring to the Moar Linage burning through my ammo storage in 1 minute.

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Click, Click would be considerably more appealing if the damage were based upon how many shots you’ve fired without reloading…

So Redistribution and Forge scale with the amount of ammo it takes to break. Matched Set and Cloud of Lead increase the amount it takes to break the gun, thus increasing the amount regenerated (In theory). Do we know if mag sizes has any effect on the amount of bullets to break a gun?

Few builds I’m theory crafting for a CoV focused build.

  1. BM/SoR with Bloodletter for pure gun damage and burn damage.
  2. BM/DW with a Mind Sweeper for some mixed gun/splash damage with the Skeksil and possibly Saw Bar (Splash?)
  3. DW/BM with Mind Sweeper and grabbing Short Fuse.

That’s a nice find. I’m going to have to check it out.

Westergun has a low enough rate of fire that you can stay topped off through constant fire. Getting down to 1 or 2 in the mag then buying ammo would be nuts, relatively speaking.

This seems to also be the case if you get ammo from a cutpurse relic or pick up ammo. Faisor seem to soft cap when i switch to underbarrel(atleast if i’m at full mag when i do it)

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I suspect it’ll be the case for all forms of mag ammo regen. There is probably a check for if

Mag ammo + backpack ammo ≥ max ammo


I have been running a full shredifier build for a while (works best with super shredifiers, but is absolutely not mandatory) with BM/SoR and even w/o softcapping the shredifiers do shoot fast enough (if you account for the BM bonuses on firerate) to slowly outpeace the ammo regen.
This allows you to keep you mag ammo count constantly low, and if you happen to go too low you can just stop shooting for 1/2 seconds are you are back from to 30/40 ammo (in a mag size of 180).

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I’ve been always keeping my Quickie or Lump rocket launchers completely empty on ammo. With 3/3 in Click, Click… I can just use Some for the Road to spam rockets with the damage buff. Granted I save them for annointed and bosses typically. Best part is never accidentally reloading, any rockets regened just go in the magazine.


Old thread. New post. Who dis? I read @prismatic OP which is quite informative but for the life of me I can’t see how you would keep a gun with such a large mag under 40 if you are invested enough in Bottomless Mags to get down to Click Click unless you are using a vending machine.

Is the only way to effectively use this skill to cheese your ammo with a vending machine? I sorta feel like that wasn’t intended and borders on exploit but then I can’t see how else this skill would even remotely work. I feel like it’s just a waste of 3 points.

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yeah, abusing max ammo pool is really the only way to get decent benefits out of click-click.

Well theres also my 0 ammo launcher builds that make very good use of it without any exploiting just using mechanics. You could use the same concept with any weapon really.


I do this with Hellshock, since it is pretty easy to empty your pistol ammo reserves with it.

After some use and testing, Click click click works really well at higher levels.

As an example, a simple CLass Mod that ats just two levels to it takes it up to about 50% damage.

Now, about that regen. I have found DAhl to be more effective than VLadof for utilising the damage.


A. Dahl have low fire rates on average. Which makes controlling mag amount easier.

B. Dahl has selectible fire mods. Which makes balancing recoil, ammo, accuracy and CCC easier.

C. Dahl has higher damage per shot on average.

ONe big problem iwth vladof is that without exploiting the game, the mag rarely drops below 90% on the most important weapons. WHile most of the top tier guns in Dahl can enjoy going low and getting the damage boost.

With new Iron bear, it is even possible to get to 2 ammo, jump in, get infinite ammo as your ammo regens back up from crits and forge and have your clip almost full by the end, then drain it back down. Possibly reload. And by the end of your next clip, iron bear will be ready again.

But yes, it has to be built around and also played around. But not by much. The porblem is that 30% Damage increase is not worth it. Only with class mod buffing CLick Click Click do the numbers begin to be worth playing around. Otherwise it gets squarely beaten by just using annoinments. And not having to think about ammo usage and clip state.

…you are a genious. I am so going to do this.

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What is that?

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Kind of an old topic I’ve changed the build a lot since then and haven’t updated yet but you’ll get the idea still.

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