"Click, Click..." and 2 mag Flakker

I’m trying hard to find any reason to take this skill. without knowing exactly how this skill works, i’m assuming none of the weapons i use the most really benefit from this skill with one exception, flakker. i’m stacking mag size over 100% whenever flakker is in my loadout with 2 other torgue weapons, it’s a 2 shot. so how does click click actually work and is it worth spending 3 points in it just for flakker?

The math of click click’s bonus is:

Click, Click… = 0.12 x [Points in Skill] x (1 - [Bullets in Mag pre-shot] / [Mag Size])

This unfortunately means that with a 2 mag weapon you’ll get 0 bonus off the first shot and 50% of it’s bonus off the second - Eg at 3/3 you’ll get +0% and +18% gun damage for your 2 shots…

Click Click doesn’t benefit from not reloading or anything else fancy. For the Flakker I think you’re definitely better off skipping it.

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Thank you :slight_smile: