Click, Click idea

Click, Click is one of Moze’s most debated skills due to the fact many people find it anti-synergistic with much of the Bottomless Mags tree. I just had an idea which, to me, would keep the essence of the skill but make it far more usable

What if somewhere within her tree, or a class mod, or in the skill itself the level her mags can reload/refill to was capped in a similar way to her health in Thin Red Line. For instance, with each skill point she can refill/reload 20% less of her magazine until her magazine will only ever be 40% full. All of her mag size and refill bonuses would still keep your mag up but a higher number of weapons would be useable with Click, Click.

As I think about it, maybe this would be a good concept for a class mod. Give it Click, Click, Redistribution and Scorching RPMs/The Iron Bank and it would be Moze’s first Bottomless Mags-focused class mod. It could be called the Thin Green Line.

Anyway, what do you guys think? To me, it would keep those who enjoy the skill in its current state happy while opening it up to many more people.

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We had this already, sort of. There used to be an (exploit?) where skills like Forge wouldn’t regenerate ammo to the magazine if your total ammo carrying capacity was full. So you’d go to the ammo vending machine, fire your gun until it was at a comfortable level of depletion, then buy ammo, and your gun would stay at that capacity.

It was actually pretty great.

Some guns, with an alt fire mode will not regenerate ammo while switched to the alt fire. Allowing you to soft cap yourself.

At the end of the day though, if ammo regen is the issue, take points out of the iron bank or matched set. The green tree can be built for nothing but damage, so there is no reason to be forced to take those skills.

Yeah, I generally don’t pick up Matches Set and I definitely don’t bother with Iron Bank anymore. 50% mag size on the relic and Redist/MOD are usually sufficient.

Click, click is perfect for zero ammo builds, with a manufacturer allegiance like Torgue launchers, or Dahl sandhawk.

Coincidentally that’s the only time I’d use matched set and iron bank.

I’m considering adding a sapper com for Torgue 3.0

Since the Click Click bonus is derived from the percentage of mag remaining, mag size wouldn’t really matter on a zero ammo build.

Also, remember that the Sapper only works on guns where you can hold down the trigger.

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Yeah, it would be similar to that except it would be legit rather than a work around. Suddenly Moze would be able use Vladof weapons with Click, Click (which, seriously, why isn’t this a thing already?) as well as have her Kyb’s Worths, Flippers, etc. benefitting from it. I’ve never invested much time in Click, Click but this change/a class mod like this would make the skill far more appealing.

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Have suggested this in the Create your own Gear topic and would actually be really happy if they made it. Some of my other ideas there have made it into the game (of course, GB might have come up with the ideas independently as well), such as a melee grenade and a shotgun with Anarchy stacks.

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Larger mag size = Faster ammo regen
(Although upon testing it’s overkill)

When you throw a grenade, you get a new trigger pull without pulling the trigger and losing bonuses like sapper or green monster.

Try it. Grenade throw becomes your new trigger as long as you hold the primary fire. Works particularly well with a scourge or Plaguebearer.