Click click post dlc exploits

I thought id make a post discussing ways to use click click after I found this old topic: Overclocking COV Weapons with Click Click.

Since the topic was made pre DLC 1 I figured why not discuss its viability now that we have more items available than we did back then. The subject of the topic was basically to use the few unique COV weapons that don’t break on overheat to maintain max click click damage. The problems being that those weapons did fire damage to the user and there wasn’t a good way to get more points into click click. After DLC 1 we now have the embers blaze which provides a lot of fire resistance as well as the green monster which provided a legendary com that could come with points in click click. There were also only two COV weapons which didn’t break, I’m not aware of their being more now but I don’t know COV weapons all that well.

So how would you make this work? Is it more viable now? Are there new unbreakable COV weapons you could use?

Hanging Chadd doesnt set the user on fire it doesnt matter anyhow, and Pain is Power does(and did back then as well, as mentioned on the second reply on the original post) break so Click Click works as well as it does on any other CoV AR(except PiP doesnt have a good damage so any other CoV legendary AR would likely be better)

Basically having a fire resistant shield didnt matter back then and doesnt matter now either

With that in mind…I guess the Tizzy from Arms Race dlc would be a good candidate for a click click build due to the huge fire rate bonus after firing for a bit

Maybe could try something with Stauros’s Burn? I know stacking fire resist does mitigate the dmg you take while in overheat/combust mode

I’ll be honest that I haven’t been keeping up with the game since the year two pass was announced.

Does self DoT count towards the skills in the purple tree? If so, the Stauros Burn and other igniting weapons might actually be uniquely useful.

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It does, yes. It also works with the Eternal Flame classmod to reset Bear when no enemies are around that can be set on fire.

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