Click, Click solution

One of the most debated Moze skills is Click, Click, mostly because of how it seems to be counterintuitive to the rest of the tree. I’ve had a Blast Master Moze set up for the longest time and the punishment of reaching an empty mag is just too much to consider Click, Click.

Anyway, I just had an idea which could change the skill around. How about if in the last 25% of the mag you no longer consume ammo on every Xth shot in a way similar to Cloud of Lead? With the two skills combined, I think it would become a lot easier to reach low mag and stay there with a larger range of guns without worrying about it.

It’s not counter intuitive, anti synergy, any other synonym. The skill just doesn’t work how you want it to. There are many builds that do and do not use it. Plus the gun damage buff provided has been comparatively reduced in effectiveness with the addition of Scrappy also getting gun damage.

Just because you can’t use it in your build or can’t think of a way to use it, doesn’t mean it is counter intuitive.


Yeah, sure, other people may appreciate and enjoy the skill as it is. Do you think those people would be unhappy with this change? To me, it seems like it would be good for everyone and open up the skill for more players and builds.

Well we could also remove or change every skill that forces a different play style and just have the skill trees be literal passive trees with nothing but % stat changes. But what would be the point in that? Everything would be the same. It would be like playing POE with out all the skill gems.

Click Click is a skill that forces you to play around it. That is what it was designed for. You can figure out what rate of fire and regen you need to be around the sweetspot for it or you can focus all your attention to it and make a zero ammo build. You can also do both and just stay at zero rocket ammo and use IB and regular guns mixed in.

Your change would just make it another, “Oh i guess I’ll just grab this stat boosting passive that doesn’t change my build or play style in anyway.” How uninspiring.

This debate as you call it is no more than one side using it or not and having a good build. While the other side is constantly beating a dead horse not understanding why they can’t win the Kentucky Derby. I’ve never seen a good argument for changing Click Click to become a “Constantly on” passive and I never will.


Click, Click is the sound of the feeling of the magazine hitting the bottom. Any change that makes it not about approaching the bottom will need a new name.

*Sound of the feeling: in real life, one wouldn’t actually experience the sensation of hearing a clicking sound getting closer to the bottom of the mag. But, for movies and games, we often get the audio cues of a clicking or changed sound as we near the end of a magazine for dramatic effect. This is where the name Click, Click comes from, and why I literally put my head in a wall anytime someone tries to remake the skill in a way that breaks it’s namesake.