Clock in the united kingdom

just a little reminder that clocks in the untied kingdom goes back 1hr tonight

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Does this give us an extra hour in bed or an hour less?

1hr more

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Daylight Savings is a thing in the UK? I honestly didn’t know that…I thought Americans were the only ones who did that.

I say we only change the time by 30 minutes and stop this nonsense once and for all

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I 2nd that. Unfortunately though, that makes to much sense, so the powers that be would never do it.

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Moving this to off-topic for you guys. :smile:

We got rid of the DST this year Thankfully…

We changed the clock one hour back too a few days ago here in Sweden.

I don’t get what the big deal is, it’s 2015 everything change the clocks automaticaly… exept my microwave, it has failed me once more

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I don’t… I didn’t know different countries had different DST’s until now.

My world is rocked.

Its sure crazy^^ I hate that so much, twice a year that madness (at least here in Germany) - heard Russia is most complicated in this issue.

^^ Its almost everywhere, here in Germany too. Hope they´ll get rid of it soon, international timezones are enough for my poor brain…