Clone ammo regen + terror ammo regen?

Do we know if these stack?

Considering the fact that moze’s skill ammo regen and terror ammo regen stack I don’t see any reason clone and terror regen wouldn’t, but I don’t know for sure

It does, I got an Alchemist with Clone regen and use terror ammoregen. I have to mash fire and reloadbutton to trigger the stickies, literally unable to empty the clip

My ammo regen always bugs out and stops working. Any tips on how to make it consistent?

What weapon are you using? I noticed that not all weapons play nice. I remember trying the Tankman with 12% magregen that I hoped to exploit using ammoregen, but something about it halted the regen, I kept having to dopplebang and reactivate even without picking up ammo.

Its on every weapon I use the ammo regen bugs out after about 10 minutes. It happena on both the clone and terror regens. The clone one seems to bug out less often but guaranteed both will bug out after only 10 minutes

When your mag + backpack = max ammo (sdu max) then you can no longer regen to mag. Empty your backpack some previously will help a lot. There is a bug though once you pick up ammo then regen skills start putting more into the backpack and that is very annoying.

Ahhhh, that is definitely what was happening. Thanks for the tip