Clone & ASA 200 Damage Anointment

If this has been asked before, my apologies (I didn’t see it).

If I activate the clone with a weapon that has the Action Skill Active 200% Damage anoint, does the clone get that extra 200% damage? Also, if I switch weapons after activating the clone, does he lose the 200% bonus?

The Clone doesn’t get the benefit. I think the only anoints that affect the clone’s damage output are +130% damage after swapping and the 25% Grenade throw anoint (the boost to action skill damage, not the gun damage).

Awesome info & links guys, thanks much. I’m a little confused though b/c I could’ve sworn the clone was doing cryo damage with the SNTL 100 cryo anointment? I’m gonna have to test this again…

you probably had winters drone or trick of the light going off

Base effects. The clone can’t make an action skill go but he can get swap benefits.

He shouldn’t have anything besides a incendiary Sandhawk or an Electric one … Or Corrosive if you are fighting robots but

Give the clone a sandhawk. Rock the 200 ASS stuff while he works.

Yea, he currently has a Corro Sandhawk with ASA 200% dmg. But now I understand he doesn’t get the 200% bonus. =( Looks like I’ll have to find one with 500% Elemental Crit Nova OR 130% swap damage?

Counter-point: clone has DPS to spare everywhere but GTD. A kinetic 'hawk avoids being stone walled by an immune enemy and deserves consideration because of this.

Any anoint the clone benefits from comes from your held weapon. If you normally summon then swap, focus on a 'hawk anointment that improves your DPS.

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