Clone damage scaling after 06.25.s hotfix

Damage of clonesplosion is actually not terrible. Haven’t tried any gimmicks like going all clone tree or stuff like that. Just the regular skills. I do have area damage on one of my gear pieces, though.

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That’s very bad. You hold the trigger for like 4seconds to do MAYBE 3 mil. Skaggs on pandora have 2-3mil. Health. Every other enemy has far more than that. They definitely didnt scale the clone correctly

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Depends on what you expect. At least i see, that it did something
I mean it really speaks volumes, that this was a positive experience for me after seeing how much damage they clone does on its own…

That’s decent for M0 but at higher mayhem levels I can do 10 x the amount of damage in have the tom by holding down the trigger.

And I’m using my entire action skill for that. Clone still needs a lot of buffs

people they do not read stuff here, best curse of action is to go to 2k support for bl3 and submit a technical issue as a bug and describe that clone scaling is not applying properly or some ■■■■. that is the first thing they look into… tech issues. if we bomb them with enough reports this will be addressed.

how are you talking about one augments damage with regards to clone’s scaling my man :d clone is so much more than dopple bang. what about it’s actaul meaning in game like you know being an action skill actually doing damage being a badass clone and finally being a double barrel clone. how is that scaling working out for ya? almighty ordnance also does same dmg and it does not make your action skill end. even if you wanna look at dopple banger dmg as sth positive it is still lacking. dopplebanger defo should do more dmg than almighty ordnance .

cmon man i see you do be tryin to be positive lately but let’s call things out as they really are. clone did not get proper scale up

Honestly. I haven’t tried it yet :sweat_smile:
I am using the clone exclusively for ASE right now and was pleasently surprised the the explosion can wipe trash mobs, laser fares and buddies. Simply because I didn’t see it doing anything at all before.

I want to reskill into double barrel at some point, to see if the clone kills me with complex root, but not yet.

Putting your bar so low is how we miscommunicate with developers the issues with a character. If a dopplebang can only barely kill the weakest trash mobs in the game. Then it’s not a "positive experience ". On a ten point scale thats like being happy that we are at 2pts instead of the 1pt we started at.

That’s twice as much.


Let’s start communicating right then. For how much, should a full-action-skill-bar explosion hit on M10 in your opinion?

My positive experience is based on very low standards and expectations given by the game before the patch and is not to be seen as an ultimate objective view on the whole state of the game.

I’m not going to repeat this ever again, I see that as a given.