Clone doesn't shoot at Endboss

Am I the only one with this problem? When fighting the end boss of the new Fustercluck DLC my clone doesn’t aim at him. This takes a lot from the damage. Is that on purpouse or is it a bug?


From what I’ve been seeing, it seems to be an issue with everyone. Something about the distance between Clone and it’s target so it won’t aim at them.

I’ve noticed that Iron Bear’s rockets definitely have a max range beyond which they won’t lock at all. There have still been oddities, however: wouldn’t lock on to Locomöbius at all until it spawned turrets, and the target lock points on Dr. Benedict were all down on his left leg. :blconfused:

Getting back on topic, I’ve also noticed there are times where the Clone simply won’t engage even regular enemies. Definitely seems to be a range thing.

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Not to derail the thread, but FL4K’s pets also don’t attack him in his second phase.

I am assuming it’s a distance issue.

I found the same - clone will not shoot him at all. It’s a major hit to clone builds

well its the same as with graveward sadly… unlike graveward however, psychoreaver doesn’t even have a hit box he throws onto the ground… so all melee builds, pet builds, clone, all suffer…
its truly a bummer and pets should just get a range increase for those bosses. OR the boss needs an extra hitbox added near the floor where you can melee or pets can target…

the best advise for now, if you are playing a clone build, is use your drone instead, you dont need to change your build to much (only some gear) and make the drone your boss killer, with the right gear it can melt bosses on its own.

The second phase is completely undetected by a lot of things, clone but also homing projectiles of plaguebearer. I don’t think it’s really a distance issue , you can place yourself on the edge of arena and it’s the same. My hypothesis is that the problem arises because Psychoreaver is technically out of the arena (which is kinda dumb as he is just standing in mid air, as you can see if you fall off the edge)