Clone/dome needs some love

Seriously my fav way to play is double barrel clone with dome ccc. Love it… But the combo is so ignored with updates and class mods. Allowing Stacking kill skills helped those in hitman… But under cover kill skills receive no benefit, and only donnybrook in the double agent tree. Feeling like you have to play hitman to some extent to keep up…
Antifreeze: hitman based
Seein dead: hitman based
Executor: hitman based
Techspert: drone bonus

That leaves cold warrior, shockerator, and infiltrator.
Shockerator i havent picked one up but heard its lack luster.
Infiltrator seems like its a strange one that does more harm then good and with the movement speed would synergize well with hitman than clone and dome
So im left with cold warrior that has quite a lack luster benefit with the status effect.

Am i missing something. Any one have some advice for my build.

Use Seein’Dead, it wrecks no matter how you spec with Zane.


If you have the DLC, look for a Seein’ Dead com. Ideally, you’ll probably want to look for one with as many points in Donnybrook as you can find. With enough points in Donnybrook and with the 25% increase in kill skill effectiveness from the Seein’ Dead com, you can get over 100% gun damage and 20% of your max health per second by just shooting enemies. Your clone can also activate your kill skills, and help you maintain your Donnybrook stacks.

If you don’t have the DLC, the Rable Rouser is probably the next best class mod for your build. The ideal rolls on Rabble Rouser will be +3 in Synchronicity and +2 in Borrowed Time. The extra points Synchronicity will give you more damage for every active action skill, and at 8/5 it’s like 70%-80% bonus gun damage. For Borrowed Time that will just keep your skills out longer, making it easier to maintain action skill uptime. It’s a non-unique class mod, so it can be obtained anywhere you can find purple rarity gear. I found the Rabble Rouser I was using in a vendor, so you can just vendor farm for it. An alternative if you have trouble find the Rabble Rouser is the Agent class mod, which also boosts Synchronicity. It’s not as good as the Rabble Rouser, but if you can find one with +3, +4, or +5 in Synchronicity it’ll work just fine.

Hi. I love my clone dome build. I am here to tell you that best served cold and Fractal Frags both benefit from the new com.

On top of that, Antifreeze saved my clone domes damage by giving me violent momentum even though I couldn’t afford it.

Wow… Didnt clue in that fractal fraga and best served cold would be triggered… Thats awesome… Might have to give the new class mod with my fav build a try… Just have to farm the donny brook one cause i have found 3 and none have had donny brook yet lol


It’s honestly really fun the way it works. And currently, any damage will trigger it. I took video of me killing some 0 Mayhem tvhm skags just by standing there in a red suit and letting the best served cold novas hit them. The clone will cause the novas too. And that Donnybrook buff is no slouch either. I used to run Antifreeze to try to push my damage. Now I don’t really have to move like that. I still run an Ice Breaker Splattergun and slide for good Hellwalker or Mindkiller hits, but my Clone Cool Collected build runs a Hyperion Radiation Smg. A Heartbreaker or Slowhand in Radiation or fire. A Maliwan Kill o The Wisp (Brainfreeze and shield stripping!) and for now, a nuclear hive. Playing around still, but you get plenty of mileage out of all the random stuff. Get an “on throw” anointed grenade? It’s overrrr

Seein’ Dead benefits dome & clone tremendously. It triggers fractal Frags and pocket full of grenades, which allows full uptime of “on throw” grenade anointment, in addition to allowing incredible grenade utility. It also triggers Futility Belt, which addresses Zane’s only dome weakness by adding further damage resist and letting him walk over elemental puddles without worry. It also boosts and maintains x2 Donnybrook stacks, which increases gun damage and helps both the clone and Zane survive.

The DLC further helped by bringing the ion cannon, which Zane can do wild things with by way of double barrel and Facepuncher + cutpurse.

TBH, dome & clone is better now than ever.

Would you mind parting with one if your on PC? :slight_smile: I’m almost back from a long AFK and would like a running restart

The clone and drone themselves are not that great at dealing damage on their own similar to fl4k’s pets currently. I do think the clone with double barrel if you wanted ot invest that heavilly into it should be more powerful.

That said, I am currently running a double barrel Tediore chuckin build that is Drone / Clone. I have yet to see a build for zane even come close to its potential output in damage in temr sof bossing and mobbing alike This may be because I have some god tier rolls on my Everblast and Artifact though so take that for what it is.

I seriously do not know why more don’t use a tediore build. To put it into prespective of the damage numbers I am getting, even without overkill stacking crazilly, I can 1 shot pretty much any mob in the takedown minus the heavies which take about 2-3 chucks instead(again assuming i dont have overkill stacked up). I am talking about the direct hit hitting fo rwell over 1+m, the shock MIRVs hitting for a combined nearly800k and then the DoT it puts up again ticking for crazy damage.

I can comfortably solo the takedown and absolutely melt game content currently.

I tried the redistributor + banjo combo for mobbing (I had some well rolled annointed redistribs to play with) and while it is effective no doubt, it just didnt have the same killing potential. I can simply chuck 2-3 Everblasts and literally everything instantly dies vs the withering of enemies that combo does. The only thing i’ve seen come close to it in damage is hedgehog with splash damage or clone reload swap annoint and running with snowdrift artifact and going into full slide before a reload.

Most people consider Tediore chucking to be cheesy. It’s something all VH can do and people just find it boring and too easy and feeling almost not intended. That’s why it’s not very popular. For example if you posted a video trying to brag about doing a Takedown with Tediore chuck, pretty much everyone will just tell you it’s not impressive at all.

Clone with cutpurse/face-puncher and rest of slots scourage can be just as fun, plus you can clear multi enemies and sometimes bosses in one hit. Only time I die is when sliding into my own rocket :confused:

“No one kills me but me!”

Me, sliding off another ledge


Or jumping backwards off cliff lol

Worst part is it typically happens with one enemy left so you get full power slide going and then there is nothing to kill so you hold :white_square_button: and die faster


Thanks for all the responses. All has been informative and have tried some new builds along with my ccc/double barrel build. Im sticking with my original even though i did try the tediore (babymaker is devastating with it btw) and a few others.
Follow up question… What shield do you use? What grenade mod? (I still havent farmed a hex, nevermind a cryo hex… Not that i havent tried) .
Loving my cryo lucian, cryo hawkin and polybous shotgun and a maggie to top of of 4.

Shield: Depends on build and content to be done. But Stopgap(blacksite or SlaughterShaft) or Re-router/0.m(bossing or launcher build) or Red-Suit(CCC build) generally.

Nade: Hex or It’sPiss with either ‘on grenade thrown’ or ‘on action skill end’ anoint.

This is what I do with a Red Suit and Rad Hex on m4. I might be over doing the Radiation, honestly

Hitman doesn’t synergize very well, does it?

It synergizes subtly. For example, if you’re running double barrel, cold bore is a nice assist to make the swap to the designated weapon and back quicker and more fluid. Along the way, it grants you bonus damage on the follow up shot. I’d still prefer to see it be “next two mags after swap”, but here we are. Similarly, if you’re using double barrel so your clone punches faces, you may want the reload speed to get more out of your ion cannon. Death Follows Close also plays well with Donnybrook and pocket full of grenades, not to mention extending the duration of futility belt.

More specifically, I’ve been tinkering with CCC, then up to 1/3 in good misfortune, which serves the purpose of buying time to proc brain freeze. That 21/21/6 build wouldn’t be as effective without hitman skills— I’m using movement speed to quickly go from group to group without losing my AS.

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I believe all but one or two raw gun damage skills are in the Double agent tree. Barrier Clone is still very good when mixed with Clam Cool Collected. Then get a Seein Dead and use a Cryo Lucians call on your clone. You Clone will proc Clam Cool collected for you and you just swap places to move him around the battle field. Make sure to take movement speed from kill skills to make it easier to reposition your clone without putting you far out of the fight. Personally I like the Drone for Hex Drops. But the clone can kill way faster on his own with Seein Dead activating Donnybrook. Also don’t forget Boom Enhance.

Really the sad truth is Clone/ Drone is just
Not on the level as Barrier/clone and Barriwr Drone is. It’s not garbage by any means but that all around Barrier is SOOOO hard to pass on.

I leveled as Drone/ Clone and it was a ton of fun commanding drones, putting my Clone down, charging at enemies then disappearing, then picking enemies off from safety. Good times.

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surely the ccc clone/barrier combo doesnt especially need attention given that it was the mainly used zane meta before seein dead came along and still functions more than fine.