Clone/Double Barrel Damage Guide + Formula!

Hey guys! Since the recent clone buffs, I’ve been testing every skill, gear, etc that I have gotten my hands on, and I wanted to make a topic about it!

This is also to create a place where everyone can post their awesome interactions so we can find everything cool that the clone can do!

I’ll be showing the formula I have put together, and after that I’ll be noting specific things that don’t work, and then some other interactions I’ve found that can boost the clone’s damage even further!

Now I want to start this off by saying clone does not get ANY stat rolls from class mod or artifact, except for splash and action skill damage. Also his guns are NOT anointed. But there are a couple anointments he can benefit from (will get into later).

So lets go ahead and start off with the clone formula. Keep in mind this is specifically for Double Barrel. Also the clone only gets 70% of the card damage, so he naturally has a damage penalty.

Clone Damage = (card dmg * .7 * Mayhem Scale) * (1 + donnybrook + boom enhance + double barrel + shield weapon damage) * action skill damage * splash * barrier * debuffs * old god/elemental bonus * amp * you standing in 0.m Circle * clone standing in 0.m circle

Mayhem Scaling = 1 + (enemy hp bonus * 0.3)
Explained in Doc’s Action Skill Scaling thread

But for M10 it is x31 - so plug 31 above for M10

To clarify a few things above:
Shield weapon damage refers to shields like the brawler ward, I only actually tested the brawler ward. I expect other shields with weapon damage like band of sitorak to act exactly the same because they have no reason not to, but take that with a grain of salt.
Splash refers to all of your splash bonuses, I tested the splash anointment and AOE on artifact, class mod splash should also work. If you have splash bonuses, splash weapons the clone is holding should get them too. I also want to point out that clone does not have anointed weapons. You can give him a splash weapon, swap to a different weapon, activate splash anoint, and he will get the buff.
Old god/elemental bonus refers to pretty much just the old god. Clone does not get any stat rolls (except for splash and action skill damage) on COM or Artifact. He does not get elemental bonuses on your artifact. So I’m not sure what other elemental bonuses he can get besides old god, since he gets your shield bonuses. But, if we do find another elemental bonus I’d assume it’s additive with this. And of course, if we do find this bonus and it’s not, I will update the thread.

Anointments : simply put, the clone’s guns will not get any anointments. However I do want to point out that splash anointment on your weapon, if activated will boost any damage from your clone’s splash weapons he’s holding. This is strictly because clone gets your splash bonuses, and has nothing to do with his guns/anointments.

One other anointment he can actually take advantage of is the 500% elemental crit nova anointment. Once again this has to be on the weapon you are holding for him to trigger the novas. This is pretty cool because it’s another way you can actually boost his damage! Just make sure you’re holding a gun with the 500% nova anoint!

Bonus Elements: Once again simply put, the clone does not get any bonus elements and you notice this is missing from the formula. He does not get ASE on nade/shield, he also does not get trick of the light. With that being said there are some exceptions! I noticed that some guns which trigger after effects will inherit bonus elements for some reason. Notably the OPQ system, the bullets will not get bonus elements, but for some reason the shock explosion will. Same with the Breath of the Dying and the Kaos. If people notice other guns like this I will add them to the list, but so far these are the ones we know for sure do it, and it’s kind of an interesting interaction.

Anyways, I just wanted to start this thread and I will be returning to it to update! Please let me know if you find any new interactions or errors, and I will update ASAP! Thanks :slight_smile:

Clone weapon tier list:


Good work and nice colorful formating!

Just for me for clarification because mine got deleted a while ago: does he get pearls or victory rushs bonuses?

He does not get pearl, I assume he will not get vic rush either, since he did not get any artifact passives except splash. I also tested icebreaker, and does not get that.


In regards to artifacts, I’m pretty sure clone is able to proc the electric banjo chain lightning effect altough im not sure how well the damage holds up

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Haven’t dropped splash damage radius yet, (vendored my old gear a bit too fast). Does that work?

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Nice - I’ll be plying my trade with some of those, not the least of which is I wasn’t ever actually sure that he got a copy of my shield. (Does he? It sounds like it if he’s getting Old God elemental damage).

The Giant SMG can proc its random buffs in his hands (and presumably a Brad Luck, for better or worse, but my one combat Clone only gets to play with Dahl weapons, so I’m not sure about others). If I gave him Crader’s EM-P5, would I get extra movement speed from him holding it? :thinking:

Clone does good mobbing damage without it, I’d rather wear a snowdrift lol. But it is worth noting it’s the only artifact effect that he procs. You’d potentially miss out on 43% aoe, but if he’s not carrying splash weapons then it’s worth a try!

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not sure, it will also be slightly hard to test lol. I would imagine since splash damage works, that radius has a good chance. I’ll figure out a solid way to test it :slight_smile:

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Yes clone wears a copy of your shield, which is the only reason he gets a copy of your shield.

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Me and a friend used a nukem, splash radius, pvp fight and a car, we couldn’t find a spot were it seemed like splash radius was effecting him. So unless someone can show another test that definitively shows splash radius, I would have to say no he does not get radius.

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Good work, thanks. What i like about @flightx3aa is that he still have time in the forums even with his busy sked with twitch, yt and discord.


Thanks for this, I even understand now why guns like the duc or scourge where doing so much damage for me in the past.
SInce I played my tediore chuck build most of the time I always had splash damage all over my gear.
this explains why I always thought these explosions scaled weirdly and where doing so much more damage, its because the clone scales with it. real nice infos here!

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Ah yeah I got the english terms mixed up. Clone gets aoe-damage increase, so we would need an aoe damage radius increase , which in itself doesn’t even makes any sense. He’s not benefitting from splash damage. :sweat_smile:

Maybe you could change splash to aoe in the opening post.

Or do you really mean splash, the stat that is on the COMs?

splash and aoe are the same thing and he benefits from both

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He is a good guy for sure. Perhaps we should club together and get him a packet of biscuits haha.

i like biscuits

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I was looking through the skill trees to find out where in the description it actually says this and couldn’t find it. Where is it stated that the clone gets a copy of your shield? (I’m not disputing that he does, I’d just like to see the actual wording.)

It is not stated, he just does.

If you spawn Clone without a shield on you, does he have a shield? If no, then description of the AS is the source for that info.

Okay, hard for me to test without a Kevin. I have a COM with AS Damage and one with AS Damage and 33% Splashdamage and I can’t get it to work to make that 1.3 times damage. Or any significant amount. Would the splash from COM be additive with the aoe from artifact or multi?