Clone + grenades + OGT anointment

Does the 25% buff get activated if the nade is thrown by the clone? If yes, does this happen with enough regularity to make it a good anointment for Zane or is an ASE anointment better? I’m going for AS duration so ASE isn’t the most effective for me atm.


unless you are blowing up your clone, throwing your barrier in the abyss, or you doing the menu cancelling to activate ase, then bonus ase element is a better anoint. otherwise ogt is better.

Ive read that it does…and if it doesn’t it is just as useful as an ase annoint on duration zane imo. Its either 25% to everything or 150% damage to grenades.

I would recommend speccing out of that skill for the clone and use that point for the drone, instead.

you want the clone firing his gun at all times instead of tossing $hitty grenades.

The clone doesn’t get any buffs from any annointments. However, if you the drops a grenade, then you will get the buff

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Well don’t I get the 25% OGT damage boost when he throws the grenade? Don’t really care if the clone gets it. I think I have all points into drone already anyway.

Yes, you would. Maybe I’m looking at it the wrong way. I guess we would need to know how often the clone will throw a grenade vs the drone dropping it? From my experience, I didn’t want the clone throwing grenades because he is so OP firing.

It’s really not that often. When you spawn him initially he throws one. When you kill an enemy he has a 30% chance to throw one. So it’s not a lot but probably enough to keep that OGT 25% dmg buff up all the time which was my main reason for spec’ing into it.

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Also, doesn’t the drone nade cause self damage while the clone nade doesn’t?

Being a kill skill, if you use a Seeing Dead com he will keep throwing grenades almost non stop and will shoot very little.

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Right. Forgot about that. Good call. I have been using that and I don’t think it’s non stop but maybe more than is necessary or desired.

I think he’s affected by any kind of splash damage so I would assume so.

I took your advice and tested out the drone instead of clone. Kept most everything else the same. Drone definitely throws fewer grenades but enough to keep that OGT anointment up I think. It does seem the clone does more damage now as well so good suggestion thanks!

Along the same vein as my OP…do the other effects on nades apply to Zane? For instance, on this nade does Zane benefit from the Cryo efficiency? I assume he does but just curious if anyone knows as I don’t know how to test this.

Good question. Myself I just assumed the Cryo Efficiency part applied strictly to the grenade damage itself, nothing more.

But as we have discovered, just reading the card does not always tell the tale.

I also assumed Zane got the OGT anointment whether the Drone or the Clone dropped the grenade. Now I am second guessing this.

As they say, never assume because it makes an *** of U and Me LOL

No he doesn’t inherit the grenade cryo efficiency.
Also they nerfed the clones interaction with the seein dead mod as it relates to the grenade trowing skill. Only a true kill can proc the skill now. It was nuts while it lasted.

Wait what? Are you talking about the 25% damage OGT? What does that have to do with getting a kill?

No I’m not saying anything about the anointment. It’s just that the seeing dead mod won’t increase the number of times the clone throws the nade.
It did for about a week, nades EVERYWHERE. They fixed it rather quickly.