Clone not swapping places

I just started using the clone but have an issue with him. So im not familiar with his mechanics but when i try to swap places i teleport to him and we’re both standing side by side lol. Does this skill have a cooldown between swaps or what? More specific im farming Jackpot and put him on one side in the water and ill get in the other side, when jack sometimes rushes the clone i try to swap since thats a one shot from him. But we end up together and he dies and i almost so whats up? Oh i did try to research this but came up empty handed so maybe its just me.

When you try to swap from and to “invalid” positions the swap won’t occur and you’ll simply teleport to him. It usually happens when you try to move him to places you cannot spawn him in the first place or when there is something blocking the swap, like a big mob, or in this case, boss.

I see so it needs a clear path? See i didnt know that, i figured it was just me. Appreciate the clarification.

You don’t need a clear path between you and the clone. I’m not sure if there’s a maximum range but I’ve forgotten to recall him before and gone to summon and teleported back about half a map!

There is indeed a cooldown for swapping - you will see a little thin bar above the clone’s duration indicator that will refill after about 3-4 seconds.

It is possible to get the clone stuck if he spawns on ramps - he can end up chopped off at the waist sunk into the floor. You can still swap with him but you won’t be able to move after. Luckily Zane recovers pretty quick from teleporting arse first into concrete.

It’s more a matter of space and location. In some locations the clone is not allowed to exist.

There does seem to be a maximum range. When I’m running between mobs, if I get too far ahead and hit swap I hear the sound fx but nothing happens.

I’ve had this happen a couple of times, usually when I’m too close to an object like a wall or fence, or close to the edge of an out-of-bounds area.

Actually, now that I think about it… Do you swap exact locations with the clone normally, or is there an offset between positions?

Anyway, the other glitch that can sometimes happen is you’ll successfully swap places with the clone but find yourself unable to move - the game essentially moved you to slightly below the surface. The fix is to quickly toggle crouch on/off. This seems to reposition you enough that you can start moving.

Have also had both these issues with clone half in the floor and teleport ING to the same half submerged position and the one of ending up at the same location.

Don’t seem to recall these issues happening before the last patch.

I don’t think it’s range. I swapped out of Anathemas arena back to the area with the floating platforms. That’s quite a range. I think it has something to do with certain Zones, for example you can’t properly swap the clone from Locos location to the well in the area where Freddy spawns. Which is not that far.

Maybe it depends on where the trigger point for loading new assets/textures/spawns is? I’ve never tried the swap going back to areas I’d already been in, only forwards along the current quest/objective path.

The game also stops you from swapping your way out of a boss arena, so if you spawn the clone, jump down and the swap you just teleport the clone to you.

This is what keeps happening to me. I swap with him and I can’t move. Not sure if it was on a ramp or not (don’t think so) but it sorta sucks.

Quickly crouch and start moving - that should break you out of it.

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As vaulthunter101 said crouch on/off unstucks you.

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