Clone will not target Wotan's top half

As title - has anyone else noticed this? Didn’t matter where i moved him to (including on top of the jump-pad pillars) he seemed utterly disinterested in Wotan’s top half. Tried him with the OPQ, Beacon, Sandhawk, Lightshow and Reflux to no avail.


Ive never noticed … I play with the Buddy System as my m10 modifier and normally target the buddy systems with my drone and just shoot Wotan myself so that could explain why …

from my experience the clone has targeting issues with flying enemies. he had trouble targeting graveward for me as well

I’ve experienced that as well.

I don’t think it’s flying it’s more the distance they are at. Clone hits fliers that are close. Clone doesn’t hit wotans top, graveyard, psychoreaver etc because of distance

Clone engage distance is frustratingly short when you get used to it.

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Funny, just early this morning was running Maliwan Takedown with a friend and tried to get my clone to hit the top half he never did. So yeah you’re not alone.

So far it’s wotans top half, Graveward and psychoreaver then. I’m not sure if it’s purely distance as I’ve planted the clone on top of the pillars in wotans arena - with the top half right above, not more than 30ft away.

Maybe it’s more to do with enemies that aren’t really ‘in’ the map? Psycho and gravey kind of exist outside of the playable area.