Clone Zane CoS challenge run

In this thread @kabflash kinda/sorta challenged me to do a no barrier CoS run. I had fun doing it and I made the video as proof/evidence that I completed the challenge. But I’m posting it here as a counter argument to the recurring myth that Zane can’t handle TVHM/MH3. So I’m hoping to contribute to the body of evidence that Zane is:

  • More than capable of doing challenging end game activities.
  • That barrier builds are NOT the only viable option for Zane.
  • That ghosts are not as horrible as some people are making them out to be.

Ghosts are just annoying af, not horrible.

Dont the ghosts pass through shield, so i’m not sure what they mean

Ghosts do damage and badasses ghosts do A LOT of damage and can slow you with cryo.

never let them live long enough to find out i guess, and the only time the red ghosts have done a lot of damage to me is when 5+ of them fly at me after i respawn

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You have hit the nail on the head! You would think it’s obvious but from the shrill screeches of all the Bloody Harvest haters maybe it’s not so obvious. Ex:

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