Clones everywhere glitch?

This only happened once and it was a little while ago, but I was in a game where I died as Deande and then when I respawned a clone spawned with me. Thought it was weird, but kept playing. Then I noticed that as soon as that clone died, another spawned at the map spawn point and ran out…it seemed like I had a constant stream of Deande clones coming into the map the rest of the game. Granted they didn’t make it too far into the actual game since their timers killed them all before they got too far into the map.

Anyone else have this happen? Not sure if it has to do with dying while a clone is out or at the same time your clone dies and the game thinks it needs to respawn 2 entities? Just was an interesting occurrence and hasn’t happened again since, though I haven’t tried to do it. I was playing meltdown on Paradise I believe.

I’ve never seen that one before. I know about her level 10 clone dupe glitch, but that’s a new one

It happens when you use your Holo Twin just after your Blink Storm (with left helix) at level 10. It’s really easy to do in pve, you can set around 10 clones before the server crash.

In pvp they usually don’t respawn when you they die so it’s not really a problem… but sometimes they do

I know that one. Oddly enough, it doesn’t crash the server on the Renegade, so my friends and I managed to get about 60 clones out before the mission was finished. I think it’s a fun thing when playing with friends -u-