Cloning Chupas Organ vs Transfusion Alley Oop Tracker

Has anyone tried the effectiveness between this two grenades? I’m thinking it could be a good option for those who dont want to use vampyr or blastmaster com.

I have an annoited transfusion maddening tracker and like my un annoited CMT more.

Haven’t done much with the chupa. I think it has a weird effect like it drains directly from enemy health bars or something? Don’t quote me on that.

Regular transfusion nades are awful though as they only work on red bars. Generator only works on blue bars. I don’t believe anything works on yellow armored bars.

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I can quote you on that because you’re right. I thought I was going to work on armour but it doesnt unfortunately.

Yeah I tried other transfusion grenades like the generator and the power siphon but without a skill that regenerate them, it not worth it.
If I spend points on MoD why not go a little further and spec into vampyr.

Oh well, I guess I have to keep begging GB to add some sort of healing skill in the other trees.

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Heyo guess I’m smart

I thought a grenade that has generator and transfusion would work well, but it seems like it will only siphon whatever bar it hits first and then you’re kind of screwed.

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From my experience with a long bow Cloning Chupa or dosen’t contribute even a noticable amount. It was one of those grenades I got way back when I was doing my TVHM M3 run on Amara. Over all I find the best transfusion grenade to he Moxxi’s Bouncing pair. I used a Transformer so if the grenade happens to bounce your way you get shields back and the fire damage dose little to nothing.

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